Nurseries list


I think it is inches of diameter for the main trunk.


That’s weird that the M7 trees, which is a more vigorous rootstock, would be smaller than the G41.


Those are very young trees, so the trunk diameter is mainly the measure of the tree’s age. As you would expect, a two-year old tree will be larger (and cost more) than a one-year old.


Here is a new nursery, Growers Solution -

It is cheaper to order from them on Amazon - shipping was half the cost.

They sell peaches and other fruit trees. I have not ordered from them.


Has anyone done business with Garden Hills Nursery?They have decent prices for fruit trees and free shipping on $100 orders.They look to be in the Nashville,TN area. Brady


Dave’s garden says caveat emptor.


I just looked at the Harvest Nursery (in Oregon) site and it appears that they no longer support any guarantees on their plants. I got Pawpaws from them in Spring '16 and they had leafed out a bit but all died back to the graft/ground that Winter except the very tall, lanky seedling. Some here may recall my disappointment getting (paying for) 3 gallon pots (Pawpaws) from them that appeared to have been in four inch, long pots a week earlier. (An employee was going to say something when he saw them, but G. Kahn shushed him…we’ll never know.) The Persian Black mulberry (7 gal. pot = $50) had leafed out but didn’t come back at all this year. These plants were guaranteed when I bought them, but now, who knows? I haven’t bothered to call them. They’re semi-local to me; 120 mile round trip.
This mulberry and some Caroline raspberries are the only plants I’ve ever lost, out of about 100, so I don’t think it’s me.


They might be two different nurseries. Brady


Another nursery located in Kentucky -

Peaceful Heritage Nursery

They have Peach Trees on Guardian rootstock.


I just noticed this. Great work Scott and everyone else that contributed.


Thanks, added! They have a nice looking selection, not just copying what other places are doing.


Plants For Everyone is a small mom and pop type operation selling fruit trees from wholesalers in the Raleigh/Charlotte NC area. They do not ship but they travel to different areas in NC selling fruit trees. You can pre-order off of there website for local pickup. There price seems right at $8 per tree for peaches. There communication is good via e-mail. I cannot vouch for the quality of the trees but I can say they were the only place I could find Surecrop Peach Trees at an affordable price to order for 2018.

Any fruits I can plant in the Fall in TN?

What a deal @SpudDaddy, Those guys really offer some great prices if you are local!



I don’t see these people on the list. I just bought (50) St. Julien with shipping for 114.00 1/4" caliper. They have lots of apple rootstocks and others. And they begin shipping the first week of February which is great for us greenhouse grafters needing rootstocks earlier than other mid-west/east coast nurseries will do.



They have some really bad reviews…

If they prove to be good they could be added but not with so many negatives.


Wow. Horrible responses about them. Going to try to stop my payment now.

Thanks, Scott.



Unless sold out-- Copenhaven carries Myro 29c, Bud 9, and Geneva stocks, if that helps.


Here is one more for you they are in East Texas and specialize in regionally appropriate fruit and nut trees. Shipping rates can be high on deliveries outside of Texas, though they do occasionally run promos with discount shipping. One thing I don’t like is their web site only shows in stock varieties, so if selection seems limited it may just mean they are sold out of some varieties.


Thanks, added. I read their scoop, it sounds like they are making quite a few mistakes on the orders but they work hard to make things right in the end.


I have only ordered from Legg creek farms once, communication does not seem to be their strong point, though I am happy with the order. I have tried to email or contact form to ask questions, and never get a reply. I took advantage of one of their 2 day only end of season sales when they were offering clearance prices, combined with free shipping on an 8 hour flash sale. I bought a dozen Asian Pear trees, and received 2 extra, most looked good to very good, larger calliper than advertised though there were a couple with questionable graft lines. I would order from them more, however I live just across the state line into Louisiana so don’t qualify for their free delivery in east Texas.