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Leggcreek farms is doing one of their end of season promos (I just placed my order with them) $5 native plants (elderberry, mayhaw, pawpaw, wild pear, native plum, etc.) and free shipping on orders over $100 with coupon code FREESHIP100 (I received thanks to their mailing list) offer good until Monday night. Selection is getting thin in some categories, the coupon code saves $30 which is their shipping rate for normal $100 orders, unfortunately for small orders their shipping rate starts at $70


Please add Cloud Mountain Farm Center ( to the list. It’s a retail nursery in Everson, WA that also does mail order. It has some trees that aren’t easily available elsewhere, especially to California gardeners. Many nurseries, those east of the California/Oregon/Washington borders, can’t or won’t ship to us.

I have ordered from them before and received nice trees. I’m ordering from them again this year.



Thanks, not sure how they were missed. I ordered most of my arguta kiwis from them about a dozen years ago.


Found these folks tonite. Not on Garden Watchdog.

Restoring Eden

(Seattle, WA.)

They have a bit of everything. Nice website.



“Twisted Tree Farm - a small nursery with low-maintenance fruit run by GF member Chestnut.”

I didn’t realize until just now that this was the nursery of the “Chestnut” member here. I love his YouTube videos.


So I got my trees from Plants for Everyone on Friday and I have mixed reactions. I ordered 3 peaches, 2 SureCrop, 1 Dixie Red and 3 Pears, 1 MoonGlow and 2 Asian Pears. They did not get the Asian Pear varieties that I ordered. No advance notice that my pears were not in. I substituted for a Red Chief Nectarine and a Shinko Pear (I already have two of the Shinko, this one will go over at my fathers farm). The size of the trees were good (not great) for $8 to $9 per tree. You are buying the trees straight from the bundles they get from the wholesalers.

My take is if they have a variety that is not readily accessible to you - in my case Sure Crop and Dixie Red I would give them a try or if you are on a tight budget - the price was right. Otherwise I would pass.


Found this nursery looking for late season peaches -

They only have 5 reviews on Daves Garden - 3 negative over orders, 1 negative over e-mail response and one positive. So buyer beware.


Hmm, sounds like its too negative to put in the list above, but maybe some risk-takers are interested…


I contacted the nursery about the peaches, to find out which rootstock that they used. They are a reseller buying from nurseries in Tennessee and from Texas Pecan Nursery in TX. The reply was quick but only partially answered my questions. There shipping is cheap because there trees are small. I may use them to fill one off gaps in varieties for my orchard but I would not place a larger order with them.


Just came across this site:
They are located in Maine and specialize in cold hardy selections. It sounds like they only sell trees that are doing well for them organically in Maine. They have peaches, cherries, plums, apples, pears and nut trees. They don’t have next year’s invetnory up yet, but I was able to view last year’s and they had some nice stuff like Black Ice Plum, Ya Li Asian Pear, Coralstar Peach, and Black York Cherry. .


A link that shows how many trees ACN has in stock -


Can anyone share there shipping cost from prior orders with Boyer nursery? I want to place an order but worried that they may tack on high fees.


Thanks @scottfsmith.


I have ordered 4 different times from Boyer Nursery. I did not think the shipping fees were bad. Of course I am not sure how many trees you are ordering from them.


Anyone have any experience from ?
He advertises Heritage and Disease Resistant Apple Trees for Sale.
Want to make sure they are legit before I continue.


Just an FYI - Home Depot is selling bare root plants this year. Based off of the shipping times (they ship now) and varieties I assume they are being drop shipped directly from a West Coast nursery.


Ron Joyner of Big Horse Creek Farm posted to his blog today that he and Suzanne are planning to “finally put away our grafting tools and contemplate retirement” next year. They’re really nice people with a great nursery, and they’ll be missed around here.

Dunno if “next year” means at the end of the coming season, or the next, but anyone who’s been thinking of ordering scions or custom-grafted trees from them might want to jump on it this winter/spring.

Scionwood sources

Thats too bad, they have been a great source of southern apples for me and many other people.


I hate to see them retire. Trees is hard work and I am sad to see so many places closing up shop these last few years.


I ordered scions from Masonville Orchards in Colorado. They have a pretty good selection of apples.