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I have not ordered from OnlineOrchards. For grins I put one tree in the cart to check shipping rates - it was $7.54 via USPS. This is dirt cheap for shipping if you need small quantities. Cannot comment on quality of product. They have peach pears apples cherries etc.


Avoid this Nursery -

G. Madewell Nursery

I ordered a Golden Jubilee Peach - what I received was not a peach. No graft and did not look like a peach.


The pricing and shipping charge is attractive. I ordered from them, have not received the trees yet.


I’ve bought from Edible Acres multiple times and have always been very happy with what they ship. It is a small scale nursery that specializes in cold hardy stuff. They also have a nice, informative, regularly updated youtube channel where they discuss permaculture/organic/self reliance topics.


Legg Creek Farm has their last group of bare root trees,for 20% off,through Sunday,3/17.
Use code---- LASTONE20


Here is a PDF for nursery suppliers who are members of the North American Raspberry & Blackberry Association(NARBA).bb

Growing media for potted ichi-ki-kei-jiro persimmon, and in ground Korean Giant

Nice store for Native US edible plants.

Nice website for native south American root crops. They also run there own breeding program.


I’ve ordered from both. oikios is another one.


I received the 2019-2020 Cumberland Valley Nursery price list in the mail yesterday! They told me on the phone though that pretty much everything is gone for this year and that it would probably the end of the year before they could start taking orders again. So this is just an idea of what they will have for 2020-2021. Here is the pdf of it that I scanned in :+1:

2019 2020 CVN Price List.pdf (3.8 MB)

If someone wants to edit it in at the top with the other catalog they can :+1:


Just noticed that I can edit on the reference sections… So I edited the CVN price list pdf in at the top :+1:

Jujube fruit set if you don't have hot dry summers

Cummins new website is now up. It looks nice. They’ve added scion wood sales.


Just found Mehrabyan nursery online and am considering placing a small order. I don’t find any mention of their nursery on this forum. Any good or negative experiences? Their prices look very reasonable.


Never heard of them, but they have a nice cold hardy apricot section. Really caught my eye until they claimed one of them was brown rot resistant. Nice pear and apple section as well.


I have ordered bare root apple trees from Surik for the past two years. I have been happy with the trees. I have picked them up so I can not speak to how they will arrive if shipped. I suspect you will be happy with your trees. I messed up my order for this Spring and my email was answered promptly and a refund received quickly. I plan on ordering from Mehrabyan Nursery yearly.


I got a AC nursery catalog yesterday. Go on their website and sold out of pretty much everything. Might want to mail those out a tad earlier…like November.


Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, it looks like Cummins are not really interested in dealing with small scion orders - it looks like they’re charging twelve bucks for a single stick, and seven dollars a stick for 2-5. There are definitely better prices out there.


Good to know. They were one of the only places I could find with Sundance on 111 still in stock. The website let me pick my shipping week which is pretty convenient.


Small customers seem like a bother to ACN. I’ve had their catalog numerous times.

Always found some reason to order elsewhere.


ACN has always treated me very well with my usual order of 5 or 6 trees. Obviously ordering early is helpful.


I was very impressed with ACN’s catalog this year…lots of great info on growing fruit. I understand the frustration with the lack of fruit tree availability but these are extraordinary times…and everyone and their mother is growing their own food now. I’m giving them and others a pass this season on the availability issue.