Latham Red Raspberry

Is Latham raspberry a great tasting berry?

Weatherman! I grew Latham raspberries when I lived in York Harbor, Maine (zone 4+), they were the best tasting raspberries I ever grew. That said, when I moved to RI full time it was the first raspberry I planted. The taste was ok. Must have been a huge difference in soil (climate for sure) I pulled them out and listened to the help from great guys in this forum and switched to ‘Caroline’. A tart, but ‘essence’ of raspberry flavor. Just my experience with them. In Maine I grew them for ten years. Here in RI I have only been growing ‘Caroline’ for six years. Ultimately I think you should taste before you buy! Mrs. G

I never grew them so no opinion. But I wanted to say that I leave raspberries on the cane till they almost fall off, Caroline is very sweet at that point. If I don’t use them in 24 hours I freeze. Because when you pick that ripe, they do not last long.
When I make jam I pick them a day or two earlier.
In extreme hot environments Baba is best. The purple raspberry Glencoe is a good one for pots. Compact non suckering crown.

I picked up a yellow black raspberry. Looking forward to that one. I just planted this fall, so no fruit till 2016. All other yellows are from reds, this is a very different beast! It is a wild raspberry but has very large fruit for a black.
I also have red, and white black raspberries in the form of seed. But I don’t want to grow them till i perfect my germination process. And weatherman thanks for your thoughts on peach seeds, appreciate it! You can freeze raspberry seeds and they will last for decades.

I already bought it. last week I was shopping for potting soil and seed trays… then I went to the plant section, I saw a couple of bare root raspberries that were already leafing out and aaaahhhh…I was so tempted that I could not let it go, so I bought it.

I’m a big consumer of Raspberries, thereby very morning a make a raspberry-banana-apple-protein smoothie, and sometimes I eat them just plain, so having home grown raspberries would be great. Plus, they are so expesive here in Southern California, most stores sell them in 5 oz clamsell for $ 5-6 dollars. And Costco has them for $3.99 to $4.99 for a 18 oz clamshell.

Thereby, I’m planning to add two more from Raintree Nursery. I asked Drew for suggestions about the best Raspberries from Raintree and he suggested me to get Tripple Crown, Columbia Star, and the Newberry. I also want to get the Fall Gold Raspberry.

I was wondering if they will do good if I plant them next to my pine tree?

Well suggestions were for blackberries. If you have problems from heat try Tupi blackberry. I’m not that familiar with your zone, others that live there may give better advice. Fall Gold is awesome if it grows? Pine won’t hurt it, but you might have some root competition. I would shade them in your location. Any fresh raspberry would be good! Latham is summer bearing so fruits on 2nd year canes. Remove canes after fruiting.