Let's see your raised beds. I need ideas


Here’s a small 4ft by 2ft raised bed made with 6x6 inch pressure treated lumber.


I purchased these off of ebay see the attached link. They are easy to put together.https://www.ebay.com/itm/4x4-Ft-Raised-Metal-Garden-Bed-Patio-Backyard-Flower-Vegetable-Grow-Planter-New/391597616448?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649


New raised planters made by local fellow here in San Diego, CA. Open bottom, made from cedar, and height to garden without bending over.


My “one per year” built yesterday. Carpal tunnel surgery tomorrow. Got it done yesterday and going to start filling it today with all my winter killed hoophouse pots; and this spring I found in my recycle row of garbage cans one labeled for glass completely full of potting mix. :laughing:



Fantastic work Dax!


well done sir! i love raised beds! not only are they easier on my back, but you control what the soil is. no fighting to fix my rocky, clay soil. just plant on top of it!


I had carpal tunnel surgery many years ago, it was a great relief. I did both hands at the same time and it was surely a challenge to go through daily routines. I would not recommend doing both at same time. Good luck 2morrow @Barkslip.


Beautiful, will last forever!


Have a speedy recovery Dax. Sending prayers.


HomeDepot has Blocks for Raised beds. I filled the center with stones to about 12" and put down a piece of screen to make flat area. I use grow bags instead of filling the area with soil. I will likely remove and rebuilt the whole thing next year so not having to dig out the soil will be relief.


I like how it projects out from the hillside.


I like levels including string line levels. Thanks, Andy.

@lordkiwi grow bags are pretty interesting the way you’ve decided to use them. Nice job. Nice fountain.

I shot a couple more for my own amusement. I spent about 8.5 hours today shaking the media off of my potted plants that perished thru this winter. It’s I’m going to say 80% plus Promix. Each time I had 5-6" of new media I got inside and walked and compressed it to be as dense as humanely possible.