Let's see your raised beds. I need ideas


This looks like a great area. It’s easier to create new beds too once soil borne diseases take hold.


It’s very interesting.I never think raised bed is pretty,but I think this looks better. Can you really grow veggies in pile of wood chips?


The chips are the frame of the bed along with the mesh. Soil is in center


sorry I didnt get back to you! I try to send a photo.can’t seem to get a photo to load here. But it’s a very simple build- we had boards left over from building a deck. 36" high, by 12’ long,by 4’ wide.
We have a farm, so we filled them with barnyard dirt. I have them set in a ‘u’ shape, with about a 6’ center opening, to get my wheel barrow and lawnmower in.
I rotate crops and turn soil over every spring.