Life in Kansas! (Late Freeze)

Well a week ago I had high hopes for the apricots… They rarely look so promising for that Kansas one crop every 7 years as they did a week ago…
Well, this morning this is what they look like:

@jcguarneri I would sure jump at the chance to get some scion from that tree you saw in KS producing several years! :slight_smile:
Perhaps some of the late bloom cultivars I am growing will prove noteworthy!




This Pitoma Slanopadja pear does up my hopes being significantly behind all other pears and even most apple:

Now to add to the late bloom apple cultivars for trial here…

And most persimmon and jujube are significantly behind Pitoma Slanopadja but I did cover some of my most prized young hybrids etc!

But even some of the inground figs are poking suckers up out of the soil so things have been really spring the last month!

Lastly, grape:


Ouch! The apricot i’m referencing is at 10th and Pierre in Manhattan. I put a street view link in this post from a while ago.

It’s between the sidewalk and the street, so technically on public property. Wouldn’t be hard to snag some budwood. Or to scoop some seeds off the sidewalk the third week of July. Always had fruit, but I almost always missed the ripening window, as it was pretty reliably the week in July that I had a big conference to go to. When I did try it, it was pretty tasty, if small. I’m 105% certain the fruits were not thinned, and pruning was minimal to nonexistent. They might be bigger and tastier under more careful management. The other thing that shouldn’t be discounted is that being in town, right next to a nice warm street, may help protect the blooms. That being said, there’s another smaller apricot across the street that I don’t remember ever seeing fruit on, but you can see it in the google street view link.


That is good info!!! Me or @ctduckhunter will have to pass by there some time lol!!! I was there at Manhattan about 1.5 year ago but i dont get that far northeast often, but i will keep this in mind!!
Yeah the microclimate could be helping, but it sounds worth testing! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ve not-so-subtly prodded @ctduckhunter and @KSprairie to go snag some!


Thanks @jcguarneri If it produces fruit this year with 25 tonight, I will definitely be collecting wood. I will get you guys a few sticks.


looks like my adirondack gold apricot i got from cricket hill nursery in CT may have blooms this year. if they develop to fruit, you guys are welcome to scions. i havent found any info on how good they are but will give a review once i taste them. supposedly cold hardy to z3 but not sure about the blooms.


1st or 2nd week of July is the time to check. They seem to ripen right around then. The one across the street is a bit earlier, if the street view date (June 2019) is to be believed. You can see ripe fruit on that one and green fruit on the big one if you zoom in close.


Here’s the month of April 2019 for that location. Some pretty good freezes in there that would at least thin the crop depending on when they bloomed that year. I’m trying to remember, but I want to say it was usually March. There are clearly fruit in street view.


ugh!!! I was just thinking about this the other day when I was looking at my apricot blooms. I can’t believe I forgot to get up there this winter and snag some scion wood. My next thought was I should be able to get some summer bud wood…
Will definitely let you all know, and share!


That is great info!! Thanks so much for sharing! Between us all we gotta get up there and get some scion to preserve and test that tree!!
I definately will be looking for an excuse to be through there next Feb lol!!! :slight_smile:


Yeah, I think somebody ought to be propagating it. For all I know it’s a random seedling, and I haven’t tasted enough fresh apricots to really know how it stacks up. But if it proves to be reliable elsewhere, that’s pretty valuable.


It sure is!! I will take a dependable producer with poor fruit any day over one that makes great fruit every 10 years here in kansas we cant be too picky lol


Our low was 30, we had about 1.5” of snow on the ground overnight. It’s already in the 40s and melting. Here are a few pictures from earlier this morning.

Sweetheart apricot

Surecrop cherry

A few of the mere handful of peaches that had bloomed


Harrow Delight




We probably got 4" of wet snow. Most of it is already melted as of 1pm. Got down to 32 degrees last night. Tonight will be the the worst of it. Still calling for 28 degrees tonight.


same here in the great white north. :wink:


It’s definately warmer where @olpea @39thparallel are in the winter. @Olpea I’m sorry to hear this about your peaches it’s devastating. They are about a zone higher. My farm grows pears great most years and lots of other things as well. We grow contender. Flat wonderful, and reliance peaches. Last year we had no fruit from the trees. This year looks much better so far. The snow and these temperatures are not good but it could be much worse. Frost rings on the fruitlets are likely.


Well in spite of damage, it looks like we should still get some fruit.
We got about 28 the first night and 26 the second.
Apricots are fried.
Kieffer Pear, about 50% bloom damage but look ok enough for a crop. Pitoma Slanopadja is young yet, but looks totally undamaged so that is a good incentive to graft another of it.
Sour cherry, looks totally undamaged to me:


That’s great Paul! We recorded 30, 28, and 28 for Mon, Tues, and Wed nights. I didn’t check blossoms on anything today. I didn’t want to look :pleading_face:
I did get my new peach trees planted and it looks like we are in for some rainy windy weather now.


We got down to 24 to 25F here. A lot of apple blooms looked bad after the freeze. I’m assuming pears are toast here. They had already bloomed out.

I noticed a lot of other areas around KC didn’t get as cold.

@clarkinks what temp did you get down to yesterday morning?


29 was as cold as it got here, blooms still look good. I did find one thing out. I wrapped a few small trees and bush cherries with the white frost frost blankets like they sell at menards. Bad mistake, those trees look worse than the ones I didn’t do anything to. A double layer of it works good for asparagus, but not good for fruit trees.