Is anyone growing lingonberries? I have about four different varieties and a total of seven plants. Six out of my seven plants are in bloom. I hope to harvest enough to make jelly.


Sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to order some for next year.

I’ve had Koralle for a few years.They bloom but no fruit.Regal was added this year for possible cross pollination


My lingonberries a three years old. They don’t grow fast but very cold hardy.

Show us pictures! Are they actually good as a groundcover?

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Tjasko i currently don’t have the technical abilities at this time to produce pictures. They do make good ground cover, but grow very slowly. Keep in mind that they only get about 6 to 8 inches in height.


Please keep in mind that three years ago this was just one twig.

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i have 5 of them. don’t remember the cultivars. i think one was red pearl. i just moved them to a new bed in a more sunny location. they are slow growing compared to blueberries. they look nice in a mixed planting w/ low bush blueberries.

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Every time that I have tried growing them, they always die the same year I plant them.

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They need at least a pH as low like

I just planted a koralle lingonberry this year. Will it need a pollinator? I’ve got it in mostly peat moss with blueberry fertilizer, same treatment I give my blueberries. We have alkaline soil here so acid loving plants are hard to grow but I keep trying.

When I explained to the horticulturist at Raintree Nursery that mine had bloomed for a couple years without fruiting,she told me to get another variety for cross

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I’m bumping this old thread. Is anyone having luck or trying lingonberry? I’ve been thinking about getting some, but wondering if it’s worth it or not.

I have five on order for spring shipping. Plan to put them in a raised bed of acidic soil. More so a novelty than anything, but if they produce a decent amount it’s a win!

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Where’d you order them from?

Fedco trees. Not sure what varieties they will send me, but I’ll keep you posted.

I tried growing them twice in my wooded area and they died. I am tempted to try again but see that they are selling for $17 each and up which is too expensive for me because I would like to plant at least 5 plants to get enough berries.
How difficult are they to grow from seed?

I am considering adding them to my order at Hartmanns but you need to buy a hundred plants minimum on the wholesale side. I’m working on it now. It still might be cheaper than Fedco depending on how many you want, but both nurseries have an excellent selection.

I have a bunch of different varieties that have spread over a large area, but have produced only a handful of berries over about the past ten years. They are in a sandy area, so might need more water.