List of hybrid persimmon species available in USA

This is a work in progress for D. virginiana x kaki etc. hybrids available in the U.S.

Please see the last PDF update below.


Oh goodness… I wanted to start a site with this information but haven’t put in the time to make it happen. I think a list here would be a great start. Ideally I’d like to do something that has Alllll persimmon varieties both D and V but it’s an undertaking.

Separating into female, hermaphroditic, and male categories would be beneficial too (amongst other parameters like cold hardiness which has already been touched on in other threads).


@39thparallel Can you help out with this list when you hit a slower time. I only know a few of these like Nikitas gift which we loved. Nikitas gift is more of a 6B or 7a persimmon. @39thparallel could grow Nikitas gift part of the time but could expect die back sometimes. @tonyOmahaz5 experienced some persimmon dieback in zone 5. My zone is in the middle more of a 5b or 6a zone. @Barkslip has a bunch of these.

Zima Khurma
Nikitas gift
maekawa jiro

Englands is always coming up with new persimmons.


Take a look at this tomato wiki maintained by Tatiana. She also has beans, beets, carrots, lettuce, etc. I suggest setting up a wiki for Persimmons. Maybe contact Tatiana. I think she speaks Russian and perhaps Ukrainian as well as English.


There IS a persimmon varieties web page kicking around somewhere, I have to dig to find it. It is far from complete though.

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Setting up a wiki is easy, but first a database is needed. That’s what we are collecting here – albeit for hybrid species only.

Here is the best list of all persimmons I’ve seen other than what is scattered on the forum.

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I couldn’t open it for some reason

Wayback machine had it saved.

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“Here is the best list of all persimmons I’ve seen”

I believe the link below is the current home for the plant database. Mostly good info on a lot of plants.


Other important characteristics: fruit size; ripening time; ability for parthenocarpy.


@disc4tw , @kiwinut
You’re on the wrong track. Here we’re just working on:

Please check for accuracy. Additions and corrections are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Name Parentage Sex(es) Parthenocarpic Astringent Estimated °F Cold Hardiness Fruit Degree Days Fruit Largest Diameter Fruit Shape U.S. Sources
Chuchupaka both PCA -20
Dr. Kazas Nikitaskaya Bordovaya x OP female PCA -22
Gora Goverla female PCA -8
Gora Rogers female PCA -8
Gora Roman Kosh female ? ? -8
JBT-06 Josephine D.v. x Taishu D.k. female PCA -22
Mikkusu / JT-02 Josephine D.v. x Taishu D.k. female PCA -22
Nikitskaya Bordovaya female PCA -10
Pamjat Pasenkova ? PCA -10
Rosseyanka female PCA -13
Sestronka / NB-21 Josephine D.v. x Taishu D.k. female PCA -8
Sosonvskaya female PCA -20
Super Rosseyanka female PCA -13
tbd Rosseyanka x Honan Red ? PCA > 0
Zima Khurma / NB-02 Josephine D.v. x Taishu D.k. ? PCA ?

Gora Roman Kosch =female

JBT 06 = male + female

Pasenkova = female

Honan red × Rossey = 4 different varieties with this cross, some bear male flowers.

NB n°2= female.


Also add to the list are Dar Sofiyivky -20F that I am going to graft in April. Also the 2 hybrids PVNA from Cliff Costata X Rossey -20F, and Jerry Lehman Rossyanka male offspring OP -33F in Omaha, and Rossyanka male used to cross of the new hybrids.



Dar sofiyivky = Sofia’s gift =female flowers only

There are other Costata x Rossey crosses.
I recommend naming the 2 in question

I grafted another Costata x rossey


‘Nikitskaya Bordovaya’ is an open-pollinated seedling of ‘Rosseyanka’
Gora Roman Kosh is an open-pollinated seedling of ‘Nikitskaya Bordovaya’
‘Pamyat Pasenkova’ (Memory of Pasenkov) – a sport (bud mutation) of ‘Rosseyanka’, characterized by better resistance to late-winter and early-spring frosts.


“Fruit Largest Diameter” — Ukrainian sources typically describe fruit size in terms of its mass in grams.

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Clifford England has (2) males with his handwriting on the bags they state with quotes not italics:
“-22 Rosseymale”
“-11 Rosseymale” or I think he just writes “Rosseymale”

Jerry Lehman’s male that Tony and I will use is:
‘400-5’ hardy to at least -31 F.

Kuji Naja is one of the two hardy hybrid-PVNA’s of Cliff England. It’s edible when hard but only if it is pollinated. The other I don’t know the name but it is an astringent hybrid-PVA. Both are Costata x Rosseymale(s) that are of Cliff origin that David Lavergne used. Cliff planted both in a single hole and tagged each.

NB-21 / “Sestronka” is 0 F



You can add Cherniaev memory = female flowers only

Krimkaya 55 = female flowers only