Listing all golden yellow kiwi cultivars / types / sorts

That Yellow Bliss is super late ripening, there is no way it will ripen for me. So only low latitudes for it I would say.

Not yellow but I recently saw some seeds for pink flesh kiwis on Etsy, I think they are some European varieties. See this one for example:


Not sure if they are legitimate, does anyone knows the name of the variety, ive been looking for it for long time.
I am also a kiwi freak from europe

I got some of those seeds from that seller, none sprouted. I guess the pink-flesh kiwi will remain a mystery.

I am now eating my harvest of HongYang kiwis which have a bit of red in the flesh. They are excellent! I had not liked them in past years but I must have not been ripening them well.

Uau thats very late, when was your harvest?

I harvest all my fuzzy kiwis before the first hard frost which is late November here. Then I store them until February. The earlier-ripening ones I am eating now, Soreli and HongYang. They start to get mushy soon, there is about a one-month window when they are best.

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Very nice.

I assume people who grow a decent amount of kiwi and pears have dedicated refrigerators for them?

As I type I’m planning out my kiwi trellis. I’m thinking of 4x4’s spaced 11 feet apart and 4 feet wide. 46 foot length, so 5 pairs of 4x4’s. Will put cross members each direction and use 50"x16’ cattle panels on top.

2 Saanichton, 1 Elmwood.

Still figuring out how to grow the male. Might just stick it in there and limit the wood.

People like this gives me nausea

This is the variety Hongyang I believe. There are a couple of other red fleshed varieties— not here yet in US to the best of my knowledge, chuhong and donghong.