Look a Cherry

I picked up this cherry today. What do you think?

While at the local street fair around the block I stopped into the local garden store and they had this cherry.

Its labeled Cherry and has a big picture of cherry’s on it so I know I am getting a cherry.
I did have some questions, was it a sweet or sour cherry. The sales person assured me it was a regular cherry, But after he went to the back and asked the manager he came back and told me it was a Red Cherry. So that’s conformation its a good cherry.


The only cherry I could think of that look likes that is Cherry of the Rio Grande.

Regular sweet or sour cherries don’t have leaves like those.

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Wait your saying its not a Red Cherry?

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It looks kinda like a Barbados cherry. More shrub like


I just bought a gooseberry called red gooseberry.

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Correct. I was trying to be humorous about the complete bone headed and cluelessness of the garden center.

Barbados Cherry (Acerola) - Pictures! - Growing Fruit


I saw some trees at a big box yesterday that said “apple”.


I was wondering if you were joking.

Ok, I was puzzled by your post for a moment! :slight_smile:

I have seen no label but to just label it cherry is kind of more insulting in a way. The sales associate thing reminds of of dealing with big box stores or sites like fast growing trees. Sadly there is stores and websites full of people who say just read the label or just read the website. I remember calling Fast Growing Trees and asking them questions on the website and the person on the phone simply said it does not say on the website. It is like I know it does not say on the website that is why I am asking you.


I agree, ordered montmorency cherry, but asked what rootstock it was on, 2 said mazzard (it says 12-15 ft so it dwarf, so that not it) or they said it wasn’t grafted.

Thanks for making me laugh

Honestly every website I look at has different size and even zone ratings are not consistent. Raintree says their pluots are hardy to zone 6 but One Green World states the pluots they have for sale are hardy to zone 5. Raintree states peaches on Lovell rootstock can be maintained at something like 20 feet but One Green World states 10-12 with with being maintained. Size is one of those things that it is up to the person on how much they want to maintain it at. In my neighborhood we have a lot of apple trees and crab apple trees. While some are clearly dwarf trees you can see some are pruned back and take up a small amount of space and others take up the entire yard with just one tree.


lol, enjoying the fact that you’re keeping that ridiculous🍒 tag.


That tiny thing actually pushed cherries already?! Heck if nothing it is a superior variety than a Juliet cherry bush, mine took four years just to show me a cherry.

I was impressed by montmorency. I planted it last year, it barely had 10" branches coming out of a 4’ trunk, and it did it’s darndest to push out a crop. This year the branches grew 2’ which should help for next year’s crop.

The Juliet gave me a cup last year and maybe two this one :confused:

Its a tropical Barbados cherry not a typical sweet or sour cherry.

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