Looking for 2 gallon containers

I never see these things show up second hand, and Fred Meyer wants way too much for them.
Can anyone suggest a source in the Pacific Northwest that doesn’t require a Wholesale License to buy them. I need around 30-40 of them for my Fig Trees. I prefer the black plastic pots, not cloth.

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Unless you are selling these trees’ figs grow so fast just use 5 gallon containers. Other wise, I don’t know

I have become a fan of the plastic “panda” bags. They are super though, highly reusable, and on large sizes where everything else is stupid expensive they are still dirt cheap

Grow Bag 7 Gallon Square Nursery Container Made of Black White Poly Films (25 Pieces per Pack) https://a.co/d/6QrMCWs

I use a lot of 1 and 2 gallon bags. Reusing them is easy as they fold down great

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I’ve become a big fan of their “tall one” Treepots for starting avocado seedlings, but one downside is you really need to get them with the trays or else they will fall over easily.

I have found that the trees don’t need potting up anywhere near as soon with those compared to normal 1 gallon nursery pots, even though the volume of soil is similar, because of the extra depth. So even though that’s not 2 gal, they seem to get the trees as big as a normal 3gal pot before I have to move them up to 5-7gal as their next pot size.

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Agreed. 2 gallon containers are super small. I got a fig from One Green World in something like a 1 gallon and in a matter of weeks their root system practically doubled.

Some restaurants get 2 gallon buckets of pickles or cake shops get 2 gallon buckets of icing products. Check with those type places to get cheap 2 gallon buckets. Even Firehouse Subs sells 2 gallon buckets ( I think they are 2 gallon size).

Sadly I’ve discovered these food grade plastic buckets quickly get very brittle in sunlight.


I finally broke down and ordered a sleeve of ten. It was expensive, but they are the sturdy blow molded style. If I’d got 20 it would have been free shipping, but next time I’ll know.
almost $5 each with shipping expenses included.

Do order yourself some panda bags, I’m confident you’ll be impressed. I think last time I paid $17 for one hundred 2-gallon bags. I like how they are fairly tall so I just fold the top to whatever size works best. The most common size I use is 1 gallon, also fairly tall.