Looking for a Stonefruit Bush

Like the title says, I am looking for a bush or shrub (6 ft or less) that grows stonefruit, preferably plums or cherries. I am extremely limited on space, but would like to grow my own fruit. I have looked into Nanking Cherry, and some others, but nothing strikes my fancy. I live in Zone 7a. Any help would be appreciated.

Check out the Romance series of cherries. They are very popular here with many discussions available. Search for Carmine Jewel, Romeo, Juliet, Crimson Passion, and Cupid. They grow in bush form and many here prefer them to the greatest tart cherry of all time Monmorency.


Nice list…Thanks for the information. One more thing, I would prefer to eat the fruit fresh, not baked or made into jams, jellies, or wine.

I grafted a prune plum to nanking cherry rootstock as have others. You get a miniature tree, easily maintained, and quite productive when it finally starts bearing:

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Two options that come to mind:

  1. Juliet bush cherry. Based on reports it’s best for fresh eating among bush cherries.

  2. Buy a Krymsk-1 rootstock, grow it in the ground for one year and then graft on top of it. It can be easily maintained in a bush-like form. Krymsk-1 supports apricot, peach, E. plum and A. plum. I have several multigraft “bush-like” trees on Krymsk-1, and I separate apricots, peaches/nectarines, E. plums, and A. plums/pluots to different trees (see some photos below). You can have multiple species on one “bush” if your space is limited.

A one-year-old Krymsk-1 just grafted with multiple A. plums/pluots:

Mariposa and Burgundy plums in bloom one year after they were grafted on Krymsk-1:

Multigraft apricot tree on Krymsk-1 in early fall, one season after grafting:

Redhaven peach on Krymsk-1 in early fall, one season after grafting:

Multigraft E. plum tree on Krymsk-1 in early fall, one season after grafting:

A one-year old Krymsk-1 rootstock before grafting: