Looking for Carmine Goumi

I have several Sweet Scarlet and Red Gem but have not had any luck finding Tillamook or Carmine. Anyone know of a reliable source?


I too have red gem and sweet scarlet…

One green world normally has Tillamook… but now showing out of stock.

Raintree… normally has the raintree select … another that I would like to have… but they are out of stock too. Someone here posted pics of the berries and they were much larger than RG SS.

Yes… I would like to have carmine too… but not sure of source for it.

Good Luck.

Burnt Ridge is selling carmine scionwood for $5 a foot:


Should be able to get scion wood from Cliff England also. May be the only way to go.

I’ve grafted goumi, and they weren’t difficult to get takes - easy like apples and pears.


Whitman Farms has Tillamook. It is not labeled as such on the website, but I confirmed it as such with Lucile Whitman when I was placing an order.


There was still some scion wood at Goumi Cutting Wood if you’re looking to graft.

Thanks. Another option. Cliff England sent me his scion list and he has several Carmine and I can also add other scions. I want to try the hot callusing pipe method in another thread for persimmon and pawpaw.

I currently have Sweet Scarlet and Red Gem grafted but I would like to have a larger fruited one. Apparently Carmine is bigger. Is this correct?

That is what I have heard. My Red Gem and Sweet Scarlet are on native root stock. I want to do cuttings and expand the numbers so I can integrate them into my orchard.

Just ordered two Tillamook and a Pakistani Mulberry from Whitman Farms. Thanks


I haven’t grown ‘Red Gem’, but can confirm that ‘Carmine’ is a huge improvement over ‘Sweet Scarlet’ in terms of fruit size and productivity.

I did comparison between ‘Sweet Scarlet’, ‘Carmine’ and ‘Pippi’ and found the following:

  • ‘Sweet Scarlet’ = average 0.034oz/per fruit - 29.4 fruit/oz
  • ‘Carmine’ = average 0.075oz/per fruit - 13.33 fruit/oz
  • ‘Pippi’ = average 0.092oz/per fruit - 10.87 fruit/oz

You have some interesting plants. WIll have to see if i can getting a couple plugs from you. When do you expect them to be ready for sale?

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@DBang I have a lot of plants available all the time at my nursery, but if you’re referring to goumi specifically I’m only propagating ‘Pippi’ currently (though I will probably try to also propagate ‘Carmine’ in the future). I have a few young plants of ‘Pippi’ that should be well established by late summer. If no one snatches them up here at the nursery they might still be available for shipping after they go dormant next winter. I’m always working on propagating more, but right now I really can’t keep up with the demand for ‘Pippi’ cause the percentage of cuttings which root is so low. It’ll probably be another year or two before I start having them more consistently available.

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How do you propagate them? Hardwood cutting? Softwood cutting?

I’ve succeeded with hardwood cuttings (thicker cuttings seem best), and have not succeeded with softwood cuttings. I imagine local climate plays a role in which cutting types work, but in general they root slowly so it’s important to have thick enough cuttings so they will not run out of energy reserves before roots form. Still the rooting percentage is low. Layering is way easier, but limits how many can be started at a time. I’m in the process of setting up a stool bed for more stable (albeit slow) production.


I’d like to get a few more varieties, too. For goumi scionwood, are you grafting on rootstock or rooting directly? If on rootstock, what are you using?

If my hardwood cuttings make it, I have Sweet Scarlet and Raintree Select (they are starting to leaf out, so it is looking promising). Could I use one of those as rootstock? My Sweet Scarlet bush was huge (8+ feet) and produced larger fruit than the Select. The Select stayed smaller (5 feet), but was covered in berries. The birds had a harder time pulling them off, so they tended to leave them on the plant for me and concentrate on the Sweet Scarlet. Both had great flavor. I never succeeded with softwood cuttings and I tried many, many times. The dormant hardwood was a last ditch effort before moving and it looks like 100% take right now (but we will see how they progress).

Carmine and Tillamook are apparently the same variety. Yes Tillamook is much larger than Sweet Scarlet and Red Gem cultivars. Definitely worth buying.


Can Pippi be grafted onto another plant?

Yes, you can graft goumi cultivars onto other goumi or autumn olives. Later you can air layer them to get them onto their own roots.