Looking for maru and hyakume persimmon scion

hello friends,

please help, another year of searching for Zenji Maru and hykume (Amagaki) scions in US only. i have eaten many fruits but there wasnt any seeds. if you have one or two scions to spare. i can trade you either scions of persimmons, figs, stone fruits, whatever fruit scion i have that you may like. i have an american d lotus ready to graft on. hopefully this will be my lucky year. thank you!


Did you find either of those? I’ll be looking for them myself this winter. Just curious.

i still havent found the exact variety. but you can ask members here for scions if they have it. i got some good asian persimmon scions but unfortunately im not much of a grafter so none taken. it was my fault. i never grafted anything.


There are other forum members near you, I’m sure you know, who’d probably be happy to help you with your persimmon grafting. I would if I were a little closer.

I had no luck until I started doing them only when weather is warm (not just in leaf since our springs take so long to take hold) and also on established rootstocks.

I’ve grafted Chocolate, Coffeecake, Nikita’s Gift, and Prairie Star (American). Have had no luck with Saijo for some reason, wound up buying a tree of it.


thank you! i think i might have to ask favor from one nearby member still a rootstock looking for the scion. hopefully next summer since now things are a little tricky to meet and talk.

I have two kinds of Maru if you remind me in the winter. I grew out many tan persimmons of which Hyakume is one type of them, and I don’t think my season is long enough - they were very bland. So in Seattle it might not do so well, either. Chocolate is the best dark-fleshed persimmon for me by far. The Maru are sweeter but have less flavor and are pretty small. Note that all my persimmons are pollinated and have seeds since the Maru and Chocolate both produce male flowers.

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@scottfsmith, have you grown Coffee Cake/Nishimura Wase? If so, what do you think of it?
When does Chocolate ripen for you at your location?