Looking for reusable tree pots

Something that looks like this but is actually well built:

Amazon has these. I asked about the wall thickness and a fellow shopper said that they are paper thin. Does anybody knows where I could find something like this in bulk that are actually well constructed?

These last multiple years



I’ll vouch for the Stuewe treepots and mini-treepots. I buy them by the case in sizes from 3x7 to 10x20.

In the 9x15 size I have over 700 fig specimens – many of them for at least 3 years with no degradation. I have about 3 dozen mulberries in the 10x20 size for about 2 years now. I have been reusing the 3x7’s and 5x12’s for over 3 years.

Pay attention to ribbing (desirable) and hole configuration when ordering.


I also use the Stuewe treepots, and they are well-made, but I wouldn’t necessarily say sturdy. It’s pretty thin plastic. I haven’t been reusing them for more than about 18 months (2nd use mostly, a few on their 3rd use), and a few of them are cracking a little around the drain holes. Still very functional, but I wouldn’t expect to get more than 3-4 years out of them.

I’ve been using the thin ones shown in your first photo for ages. They have not had any damage despite abuse.

Thicker isn’t necessarily better. I have a ton of rootmaker pots that are much better made. (Thicker, higher quality plastic etc) but they will break easily if you put something on top of it.

Stuewe here as well, they are good quality.