Looking to buy Surround WP in Ontario, Canada

Hello Everyone,
I am in my third year growing my backyard orchard, and my plum trees have finally started blooming. I have read so much about the dreaded Plum Cuculio, but I don’t think I have had it in my garden… yet.
I would like to add Surround to my sprays, but am having a hard time sourcing it for purchase in Ontario (Canada). Does anyone on the forum have a lead on where to get the 25# bag without selling my soul to courier companies?


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Hi! Any luck finding canadian sources???

Surround is just kaolin clay. I bought some from Arbico organics in Arizona a while back. If you have craft stores near you they probably sell kaolin clay. It’s used in pottery, I think. D

Although they are made of the same material but regular kaolin clay and Surround are different grades.

Surround is made into a wettable powder grade that can be dissolved in water and spray without clogging a sprayer. I think regular kaolin clay will cause clogging.

Thanks @Pokeweed for your suggestion. As @mamuang is suggesting, I don’t think just any kaolin clay will do. But if I can’t find Surround, I might try reg kaolin clay and find out for myself. I was also thinking of using neem oil as an alternative… I think someone told me Surround is only legal for commercial growers in Canada… I just don’t understand it.

If you need to use regular kaolin clay, you nay want to pour the mix through fine strainer. My new sprayer came with a plastic strainer with tiny holes. It really helps prevent larger particles to go through.

I am personally won’t use regular kaolin clay. Neem does not work here but you are in a colder zone. Pests they may not be as abundant or viciuos

Well… PC is very abundant… It took all my plums last year and the year before. Some plums had up to 5 cuts/scars. So neem oil didn’t work for you and PC ? Thanks for sharing your experience.

Sadly i will have to use one of my garden center contacts to order this.

There is a place, i think its called bartlett, that will sell the stuff but ive had no luck communicating with them.

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Same story as everyone else. First year it looked like I would get a harvest from my plums but everything got hammered by crescent shaped bites. I found this link: https://canada.desertcart.com/products/16019507-insecticide-organic-surround-wp-25-pound-bag
It says they are out of stock but they will import to Canada. Putting it in the plan for next year.