Looks like Spring is already here

Just wanted to share several pictures of my plum and peach trees today. I have not seen any insects around the trees which makes sense because it still is only February. I probably will not get any fruit from these trees. What do you think? There is always next year :slightly_smiling_face:


I was holding off pruning the trees because I thought we may get some cold weather. It was about 80 degrees several days ago. It is in the 40’s right now. Strange weather indeed.



oh the horror.

Looks like you are 7a VA.

I am 7a TN.

My new little AU Rosa plum is blooming… but it was heavily budded when i picked it up at TSC.

I am hoping next year it blooms a little later since i have it planted on a north slope


Beautiful! I’ve always loved flowering trees. Magnolias and mountain ash are my personal favourites.

Chery Blossoms on the Potomac are going to be… Early. Well if your local and dont like croweds sure you can zip over and see them any time. But if you want to enjoy the festivities and blossoms the timing is going to be really bad this year.

2023 Washington DC Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom Forecasts (cherryblossomwatch.com)

@WildApple23 … these are some of my fav wild blossoms.

From my back yard… edge of the woods…

Wild azalea and wild black cherry.
They bloom mid April here.

I have a patch of 20 or more of those wild azalea growing in the woods edge on the right side of the back yard. The smell is heavenly.


Very nice! We have chokecherries here, they’re less common than pin cherries but they do something similar in terms of flower structure. Very nice photos, thanks for sharing!

Depends on your climate. My spring will not come till around May. Daffodils are coming up but nothing will come out for a few months other than those early bulbs. My mother used to think cherries never grew here and grew in VA. I proved her wrong.

Wow. We have knee deep snow yet. Enjoy the blossoms, since slim chance of fruit this year. Who knows, though?

I don’t currently have any plums. But I noticed a crab apple at 326 center street in Berea Kentucky
BLOOMING…and on the north side of the house at that.

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I was thinking that I would not get any fruit on these trees this year. Kind of a bummer but out of my control. I actually did take out a nect and a plum tree this winter. I was considering taking several of these trees out as well due to the maintenance…spraying etc…

My fruit trees are sending out tons of flower buds, very exciting to see Algerian Fremont with loads of buds. Desert King and Panache Tiger are breaking out. Red Atomic nectarine trees are also full of red/pink flowers. Exciting time. I really can’t wait.

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Even without insects around to pollinate the early blooms, wouldn’t the breezes/wind end up doing some of that?

I saw tons of blueberry flowers on the ground, so who knows If I get anything, but still exciting to see things bloom.


It isn’t spring yet. Winter snows are on the way in a lot of the US.

I noticed about a week ago one of my rhubarb plants had decided to wake up and then got zapped by -12 temps (the one significant cold snap we’ve had all winter). I fear my stone fruit will awaken to early like yours did.