Loquat propagation via cuttings

Anyone had success propagating loquats using stem cuttings?

I ordered a number of loquat scions from Akme Gardens. I grafted most of them, wrapped scion graft site with heat cable to keep temps at 80F, and placed in ghouse. I’m still waiting for some indication of growth after 3+ weeks.
There were 3 scions of Advance which I thought would make good rootstock. I scraped 2 sides of each stick, dipped in rooting hormone, and placed in covered pot with bottom heat. They budded out in 2 weeks. Maybe I should have done all of them that way!


Were you able to check for roots?

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Afraid to do it yet!

Leaves may bud out, but there may be no roots, then it will eventually die.

I know. We’ll see.

It takes about a year for a loquat cutting to root, if it does not die first. @cdamarjian

Thanks. Fixin’ to die.

When and if the vegetation falls off, cover the top with parafilm, that should help slow down the dehydration process, and give them a better chance of survival.

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Better yet, cover with a clear bag or upside down clear plastic container (distilled water jugs from target are tall and useful for this) and also spray with mist regularly to keep it hydrated and reduce mold spores.

I’m not an expert, but I’ve been reading a bit and that’s the advice I have! Dirr and Hartmann/Kester are the current material.

@alanmercieca @disc4tw
Thanks. Will try each of these to keep growth going.

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When you use @disc4tw’s suggestion remove the bag or container daily for an hour, that reduces the chances of severe mold problems, and of course put it back on after the about an hour.



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You are welcome

Interesting. I have never had success with rooting loquats. Most people and nursery just air-layer the loquat. I have some large trees so I should try air-layer instead of cutting back large branches every year.


Air layering has a higher success rate than rooting, yet some of those fail to root successfully, and it still takes about as long to get a successful air-layer as a successful rooting.

Most nurseries graft or grow from seed, depending on what kind of nursery.


I tried to root 3 cuttings. O success. I agree with most that loquats cannot be propagated via cuttings

I asked Fruitwood Nursery how they go about rooting loquat cuttings, since they sell rooted plugs. Here was Marc’s answer, in case anyone else wants to try this method:

We usually get at least 50% takes when we root them in our propagation greenhouse that has a light shade and sprinklers that go off 4 times a day for a short period. Nothing fancy. We do dip them in rooting hormone before sticking them into a 50/50% peat/perlite mix.



Swincher, I’m looking forward to your listing of rooted selections for sale :slight_smile:

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Hah! It’d be hard to beat the $10/plug price of Fruitwood.

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