Lost kaki persimmon varieties

Looking for some persimmon varieties that Cliff England lost in a big freeze. A forum member has volunteered to send me some rojo budwood. I prefer astringent varieties as the birds prefer the non-astringent ones. I can offer honan red and saijo in trade. How about the others?

Rojo great fruit and large
Picudo which is excellent and hardy enough to live here great fruit and large
Gordo must have been a seedling of Tamopan it is the picture on the FB page with the concentric ring Lost
Sharon the true Sharon From Israel David Lavergne has this one
Ribes = (Reba us) Non-- Astringent it s a great fruit but lost to the cold

Also looking for hao river, Fire Crystal; Chienting: Gwang Yang: Tam Kam.

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2021 Update:
hao river-small fruit only one branch on my saijo tree
Fire Crystal first fruit this year
Chienting found, will graft again next year.
Gwang Yang,Tam Kam non astringent so not growing
Picudo should have fruit next year
Rojo still waiting on fruit

My Rojo has lots of fruit still left after fruit fall.
It is still an experiment to see if they even ripen here in the Seattle area.

Picudo looks very vigorous and productive. I’ll report back on how the fruit is in a few months.

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Picudo, around 6 feet tall most of which grew this year.


One of my rojos. Got budwood for it many years ago but various mishaps happened and still only small trees and no fruit yet.

Fire crystal from Just Fruits. Got it last year and has 25 fruits and is taller than 8 feet. Bought a yamato also but the graft died and I had to buy another one.


Great wall. Budded last year and already taller than 8 feet.


Consider pruning that Picudo into a single trunk. This one tends to grow long, willowy branches. It needs a lot of pruning to shape it into a manageable tree.


I found Fire Crystal to be fast growing and reliable producer of small / medium fruits of good taste here in Silver Spring MD, zone 7a.

I never heard about Picudo until today. It’s a pity: all persimmon spots in my home garden are already taken. The last one was Tamooan planted this spring…