LSU Cherry Bomb Fig

Per FB post…I don’t have anything to add to what was said. Just leaving this here as Smith is so far my favorite, and if this one is better, then I’ll be adding it to my trial list.

As always, the fig community is full of hype and I take it all in stride. I’ll wait for traded cuttings or a reasonable price if this lives up to the hype.



I’ll give it a few years, for the hype to die down if it’s not as good as he says, or for the price to come down if it is lol


Ah Cajun Dan. His last can’t lose fig was BB10. Lots of people tried it and it quickly bombed out. Figs out of LSU in general aren’t highly thought of. The reason is they are bred to perform in a very difficult climate for figs. Sort of like trying to breed top quality apples in the tropics.

The chances of it being high quality in a climate that’s good for figs like California are small IMO. For that reason, I have no interest. It won’t outperform what I already have.


I’ve got a Tiger rooting. I hear they’re fast to produce. Also a Hollier so I’ll see how they do in a dry hot California climate in 24’. I’ve got a few friends growing some others and they don’t like them. I don’t have high expectations for these either. Also, that Cherry Bomb pic and description do nothing for me.

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Yeah, I like Dan, but I’m skeptical. And isn’t the LSU program long defunct now anyway, what’s with these “new” “LSU” figs? -___-

Out of curiosity, have you tried Colonel Littman’s Black Cross? I’ve heard that’s one that manages to be top tier in both climates, so they say.

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BB10 equals Black Beauty 10. Just remembered that.

I’ve had CLBC for about 7 years and I haven’t had enough fruit to know what it tastes like. But it is supposed to be very good. One of the best both in the SE and CA. Too bad LSU can’t claim it.

The LSU fig breeding programed ended long ago. So I guess this cherry bomb just got overlooked, ya sure.


Yes. But sellers go to the LSU, UC Davis, and U Ga campuses, then find figs growing there or nearby, and label them as if they were part of the breeding program; e.g. “LSU Strawberry”, “UCD Caprifig”, and “UGA Black”.


I think figs are so hype susceptible because they are so easily propogated and they may fruit that same season. If fig trees took 5 years to bear their first fruits then they would probably be better insulated from hype.


Every new fruit variety is hyped as the best in the world. How many live up to it? Figs remind me of the tulip craze in Holland. A few years ago they were asking $50-$100 for a stick of some fig varieties. No thanks, I’m happy with my plain jane varieties.


I’d agree that “some nurseries hype every new fruit as the best in the world”.

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If it was so good, then why did it take so long to get noticed? It’s not like LSU figs haven’t been in circulation for quite a while. Also, when was that name made up and are we sure it’s not just a new name for an LSU fig that’s already been in circulation?


Chances are it was just a seedling, and not part of the program, I wonder if it’s the same as this one LSU Strawberry Fig | Kremp Florist

Oh that’s nothing, a couple of years ago there was a nicely rooted cutting that sold for over $2k on figbid.

Not for me.

Figbid is where I saw the $100 scions. They were going insane on there a few years ago. Haven’t looked at it lately to see if they have come back to their senses.

We are fortunate. Being South of the fall line; most figs grow very well here; no matter the origin. North of the lines choices get limited.

LSU Tiger and Purple are good production figs; but do not compare to Alma, Hunt, Kadota, Celeste or even to Brown Turkey for that matter. Those are the figs most preferred to grow. Then you get your foreign favorites. Boutiques that are certainly fine; but usually can not hack the rain so well. Most have 1 or 2 types.

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Currently there are still a lot of overpriced things on figbid, but from what I can see very few people are bidding on them anymore. I’ve been watching figbid for the last week and there really isn’t a lot of buyer activity.

Hi Steve is the CLBC an LSU fig? I think I saw somewhere regarding that it might be a Late or Scott’s Black (sorry I always get them mixed up).

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I haven’t heard that. The origin of CLBC seem fuzzy.

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I’m here to answer any questions about the LSU Cherry Bomb Fig.

There’s some absolute NONSENSE posted in this thread about me and my new fig discovery.

I am an EXPERT on fig culture….especially the LSU bred figs. As you guys will soon find out.

Cajun B does not know half of what i know about figs. And what he does know….he learned from me.

The Fig Doctor


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