Maprang (Bouea macrophylla) Gandaria or Plum Mango

I was replacing my dwarf June plum and I made an impulse purchase of a Maprang (Mango Plum) Never heard of one before. I assume I will be able to bring it into the basement over winter. I don’t even know if it will fruit in a pot. Supposed to taste like a Mango, with the texture of a plum. Seeds supposed to be edible also,


Maprang Mango manguifera Live Fruit Tree 10in to 2 Ft - Etsy

@mamuang Your the only one I can think to ask. Ever try this fruit.

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I grew up eating Maprang. There are a sour variety and the sweet one. It has a chemical in it that it could cause itchy throat to some people.

These days, Maprang is less popular than Mayong-chid, a bigger, sweeter version. They call Mayong-chid Marion plum.

Both Maprang and Mayong-chid are in a plum family. Its taste and texture does not resemble mango at all.

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From what I just read they are actually in the mango and cashew family.

Obviously a tropical tree. Cold tolerance wise it reads they aren’t particularly happy below 55°F


Bouea macrophylla
Common names:

Language name
English gandaria
Malay kundang
Swedish kundang
Transcribed Thai ma prang


They could be in a mango family but I tell you about the taste and texture of Maprang. I grew up eating mangoes and Maprang. I never once thought they remind me of each other.

I would be surprised if you could grow Maprang in zone 7. Maprang definitely reminds me of Japanese plums.

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If true Sapotes remind you of plums then I could go along with that.

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I don’t know if I ever eaten a true Sapote. I tried white Sapotes.

Maprang can cause itchy throat. Its nicer cousin Mayong-chid does not. These days in Thailand, Maprang becomes quite obscured. Mayong-chid is bigger, sweeter, tastier and far more popular.

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@murky and I talked about it on this thread.

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Some people are allergic to the entire plant family. I know someone who found that eating cashews meant a trip to the hospital.

Some mango varieties cause itchy throat to me. Fortunately, I have never been hospitalized from eating those fruit.


Several produce advertisements state that Maprang and Mayongchid are cultivars of Bouea macrophylla.

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