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I may have asked you this before, but where did you get your landscape fabric?


That is from Greenhouse Megastore. It’s their own brand and fairly cheap with free shipping. I got 3000 sq ft for $299 and I just have a few more feet left to use. I have had seeds come up on top of it and send roots down through it and I have had a few ants bring their dirt up through it. Otherwise I’m happy with it.


It’s looking good. I gave it a little dose of 6-10-10 in a time release hoping to help the roots a bit more.


my sweet tart is just rousing from its protracted sleep(had an unusually long winter here–again). i hope it develops a big fat upright soon just like @k8tpayaso 's

will post a photo when get the chance.


@castanea 's sweet tart showing some green(pardon the weeds…)


vegas sweetie scionwood i poached from a ~2 foot tall seedling. Grafted on sugarcane and showing some signs of green on the sole bud, i hope it bears some fruits this year.

and below is vegas glitzy leafing out. Grafted to li


How useful is it to use aluminum foil? Two days ago I grafted those scions you sent to me, with a lot of effort. I would like it to get at least one successful of each variety. If the foil will help me then I will put it on. It will be slightly higher temperatures in the coming period. The foil should prevent the joint from heating up and drying the graft union :thinking:


Strong work of grafting Raf! Good luck. Update us with the taste later.


Hi @lilke, foil shields the graft junction from uv, and also helps ward off birds from perching. I dont usually do this for mass grafting, but will for scions i want to optimize success. The source of those grafts being mere seedlings so not much scion material to work with.

Will keep updating here @tonyOmahaz5 . Hoping the fruits get bigger on trees instead of being potted as a seedling


click here for the ultra-basic guitar cover of the main youtube video.

noticed it is quite popular among ladies 22 to 42


Whatever makes the trees grow!


you’ve got to sing them lullaby’s and whisper sweet nothings. If that don’t make them produce bumper crops nothing will!


first time have seen sihong dried dates being sold here in vegas(imported from china). The most expensive jujube product have seen, weight for weight, even if figuring in the walnut stuffing.


They probably tasted great for that price!


Was tempted to buy it on a whim, but managed to slap myself out of it as had serious doubts it would be any different.

I shop there all the time so i might just yield to the curiosity lol


v. glitzy graft sprung a sturdy upright in just two wks. Not just the most vigorous on its own roots(as a young seedling) but also the most vigorous as a scion. Looking forward to some fruit later this year.


this photo does more justice to the sweetheart sweet tart than the previous one. Now bearing some flower buds. So looking forward to some fruits!


Nice!! Mine has a few flower buds too.

I don’t have pollinators this year. A few mason bees and some wasps and another bee/fly looking thing. No houseflies. No lady bugs. No butterflies. Very cool spring. Very early bloom. Wind from hell. (Well, maybe not hell because the wind is not actually very hot…but you’d think I lived in the Texas panhandle because it’s that kind of wind!). Sure don’t know where all the bugs are and it makes me worry about fruit production. But if jujubes are pollinated by wind then all y’all should be receiving some of my pollen…


The pollen my friend, is blowing in the wind…
The pollen is blowing in the wind…


I have a last years graft of Sherwood. It was just a little bark graft that was a regraft of one scion that didn’t take. It has grown really well and has numerous long fruiting stems. To get to the point… this is a picture of one of the bloom clusters.

So… I know blooms don’t equal fruit and I know the Sherwood is stingy with fruit. So my question is this: is this typical of the bloom clusters and fruit is just not produced or does it drop fruit or what? Was just surprised to see so many blooms here. All the fruiting stems are like this.