Mature viewers only -- explicit Jujube videos/photos


jfae’s ga-866 that was about to be dropped due to localized ‘early autumn’ i posted at another thread .
it is the real ga866, btw. Sugary good even though aborted half-way


My XuZhou is prone to cracking too but they are not close enough to ripening to crack yet. HJ, Sugar Cane, Chico have been ripe. Even Autumn Beauty is dragging its debut out this year.


My Massandra came from OGW and I received it August 2017. It has not put out primary growth in the 3 years. It always puts out these very long fruiting stems and each year has more fruit. I just ate the first to ripen and the only one near ready. Picked late in afternoon on hot day and it was excellent. Fruits this year are bigger and about three times more than last year.

Top right corner branchlet… new blooms. I have several trees with a flush of new blooms and fruitlets. In my zone they just might have time to ripen.

2nd Story

This is Mango Dong Zho (Winter Delight) from JF&E on its own roots. About 3 fruits from spring and then a new bloom flush and fruits. We discussed last year the similar fruits and ripening time to Autumn Beauty. Two fruits pictured. Thoughts??? My Autumn Beauty fruits are close to the same stage of ripening…maybe a little closer Than these fruits.

Can’t see thorns on this tree except for a lower branch that is just springing up… check these out. And one pic for size and contrast. :wink:


my masandra from ogw is runty too. Was thinking it was due to it being potted. But looking at yours, it makes me think it might be the rootstock that’s delaying vegetative growth. Possible that they have been using the same rootstock(suckers from one source). My autumn beauty from ogw is likewise sluggish in growth

thought i’d ask–all the photos below the paragraph i just quoted, are those all pictures of the winter d that you obtained from jfae?

seems to be autumn beauty(the autumn beauty that i know of, that is)


Yes, these are all photos of the same tree. We had this discussion last year too with it’s one lone fruit. Those are wicked thorns, aren’t they?


I think Charlie Brown decorated that Massandra! :slight_smile:


Hahahahaha. Actually that is “Tree by Kevin”…Kevin Kubota that is. It is so short it gets covered in grass clipping tinsel. But yes, those globes really pull it over—I’m glad there is more than one!!


wicked, forward-tilting spikes make me think autumn beauty… And the fruits seem to be AB as well


The 2nd picture doesn’t look like the 3rd and 4th, which look much wider, rather than long and thin. My Mango Dong from JFaE looks like the 2nd picture.

Right now they are among the largest jujus, though I’m not sure where they will end up. I planted the tree last year, so it is still pretty young. A few Shanxi Li may be bigger.

Bok Jo isn’t quite as big as the biggest Mango Dong, but there are a lot of them and they are close in size.


Just wanted to update my experience with So Contorteds from various sources. Burnt Ridge contorted fruit is dry and tasteless, will probably graft over it. England’s and OGW fruit are fairly similar - crunchy sweet with a bit of tart.


The second picture is of new fruitlets that have just started growing. Third and fourth picture are of early spring fruit that is about to ripen. Several of my trees are putting on new fruit.


Thanks- that makes a lot of sense. And it doesn’t bode well for my fruit ripening anytime soon :frowning:

I’ve never gotten fruit from a BR So (mine died before fruiting), but I had a first-leaf So from Englands fruit last year and it was very similar to the fruit I’ve gotten from a So from Just Fruit and Exotics for years (2011). The fruit I got on a Contorted from Bob Wells (originally sourced from DWN, I think) this summer had a few fruit on it. Aside from being slightly less crisp (being in a box for a week will do that, it also seemed like the fruit from my JFaE tree. So I think most of the So and Contorted are the same, other than BR, which has had several reports of dry fruit.


My fruits are taking a long time to ripen this year and I don’t completely understand it. We had an early spring this year. Very few early pollinating insects and I guess my fruit set was later than what an early spring would normally give. And we’ve had a much milder summer than normal and it seems my fruit just sits there a long time not getting ripe. Honey Jar and Sugar Cane have ripen and are gone (very poor fruit set). Chico and contorted ripening now. Li still dawdling and SiHong has a few creamy fruits also. Redlands and XuZhou are late season fruits. Autumn Beauty though is still not ripening and they are usually early. And then as I said I have several trees with blooms and new fruit starting.


My first (of any variety) are likely to be in September. I’ll be interested to see if the earlier setters are the earliest to ripen, or if the variety drives how long the fruit takes to develop.

A few years ago I asked Cliff England about the best early-season fruits and he said Redlands and Dae Sol Jo. It’s strange that it was earlier for him than you. I planted a Redlands this spring, but it already has a few small fruit. They may not ripen, but it is a good sign.

Hopefully Xu Zhou won’t be too late. I have a decent set on it for the first time this year.


What do Autumn Beauty pits look like?

Still trying to identify a mislabeled graft. Here are pictures of the fruit…still not ripe. One or two damaged ones have ripened.

Pits in these are very long and sharp. None have had viable seeds.


autumn beauty does have long pointed pits. I never bothered checking for seeds as not particularly fond of this cultivar but will definitely check . Have a bumper crop of this cultivar which will take pics of. It does not take to vegas’ extreme summers as well as honey jar and sihong.

anyway, came across this rather engaging juju documentary from the southern hemisphere. You can whittle down jujus into shrubs and still get bumper crops for many years-as long as they get plenty sun. No need to weed, and no need to spray(birds are the only issues, hence the netting)


I wish my weeds could stay that small! :slight_smile:


Nice video…I’m guessing what little horse manure I used didn’t hurt them… I want to know how he keeps that netting up all the time.


Thanks, Raf for the video. This is the escond time I heard people called it Ju-joob.

This guy’s trees are so productive. Aged horse manure must have been his secret,


Hmmm. I don’t have any horse manure, but I do have plenty of compost and an infinite amount of composted leaves from the town. Anyone tried planting jujubes in compost? I wouldn’t think that it would drain well enough. I checked the NPK values for it and it isn’t all that different from horse manure:

Horse Manure 0.7 0.3 0.6
Average Home Made Compost 0.5 0.27 0.81