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The fruit doesn’t look anything like Winter Delight, and not much like Autumn Beauty either. Maybe it will resemble one of them as it matures. Looks more like Sugar Cane than AB or WD.


it can be a moderate to heavy producer here in las vegas. Actually posted a pic here but i wasn’t speaking english, haha

it does produce long laterals relative to caliper of main trunk, having relatively stiff wood. Would you have a photo of your coco?

well it was compromised when i received it last year, almost dead on arrival, so no fruits last year, and sadly none this year, so far…
also poached several root cuttings from it to determine whether or not grafted, so the main specimen continues to be compromised.

yeah, i actually lost interest in determining which cultivar might be the true winter d, or mango dong zao.
and this ogw “winter d” does look like either coco or sugarcane, but the taste and texture and overall quality of the fruits are way above either coco or sugarcane. Much better, in fact, than hj, so even if she is anastacia’s wilful impostor, i still consider her royalty, haha

i still couldn’t find my refracto, but i don’t think even need one. Can safely wager it to be 30+ brix


I snapped a quick one earlier today, but it is a bit hard to get a good sense of it from this pic (I also noticed 2 more fruit on it, bringing the total to 3). The trunk starts in the top middle and has sent a branch toward the bottom of the pic, just above the ground. Last year it sent one to the right of the pic, also just along the ground. This year, it has sent vertical growth all along that branch, most of which is now about 3 feet tall. I’m thinking about cutting the tops off them, and making it only about 2" thick, so that there can be decent sun penetration.

Wow- so this is what it feels like. I don’t think I’ve ever had a tree that produced quicker here, than what you would get there :wink:

I thought my Xu Zhou had a lot (it does, compared to most of my others), but then I saw both of yours…It’s also obvious how far ahead your fruit is. It looks almost ripe, while mine is probably 2 months off.

This is the first time it is producing for me. How is the fruit quality?


Mine has a blush from the sun but it’s still a long way from ripening. XuZhou is one of my latest jujus to ripen.


@mamuang this is our potted ~5 yr old vegas booty, which has been repotted at least couple times(but hardly any soil changes as was trying to minimize further rootball damage) since already poached suckers/root cuttings from. Have also butchered it for scionwood hence the relatively small size. Still quite productive with fruits as large as those borne by grafts on full-sized trees, even though sharing a tight 5 gallon pot with a weedy ruellia amaranth. Worthy of being mounted on a pedestal, this one!


4 honey jar seedlings, at least 3 yrs of age growing in this pot and crowded out by weedy ruellia’s. The droopy nature typical of hj is quite evident. here. The two droopy ones with fruit and white tags have been named vegas cutie and vegas honey.

fruits seem to be tiny like hj. Vegas honey has the same taste and texture as hj, while v. cutie is also similar to hj but has a noticeable tart to it. I am confident fruits will get bigger and better if scions are taken and grafted to vigorous trees, or if these specimens are separated and planted on the ground or bigger pots.


@jujubemulberry Raf, Do you feed your potted jujubes? What do you feed them with?



i don’t feed them, but i do periodically dump a lot of kitchen refuse/rambutan peel and seed.etc into their pots as ‘fertilizer’. When weeds grow in the pots, i cut them with scissors and let the severed weed parts fall back into the pot as mulch and compost…Soil is originally just regular potted mix(cheapest available ones obtained from walmart/lowes) which “shrinks” as it decomposes. I usually add an inch of pulverized desert dirt for source of minerals, but for the most part, a high percentage is just compost. If you notice many of my seedlings that have ‘grown up’ to be fruiting ‘trees’ are less than a foot tall but already gnarly due to the hard life they have adapted to as youngsters, being planted in small pots and starved of practically everything except for sunlight. Some of them are actually >5 yrs of age, already fruiting, but stil rather tiny


while we’re at it @k8tpayaso, a transatlantic perspective :wink:


I’m really curious as to what that fruit can be. I can’t think of anything that looks like that and is superior to both Coco and Sugarcane.

The Winter Delight from OGW is pretty distinctive because the fruit is large, late and oddly shaped. But there are at least two other completely different cultivars that are also called Winter Delight and of course OGW has also sold AB as WD… This is OGW’s Winter Delight, which usually ripened for me between the first week of October and the middle of December.


when i contacted ogw, the new management there says the previous management was unreliable. That was just 3 or 4 yrs ago

have given up attempts to positively identify this cultivar. Btw, online references often mention of “dongzao” juju being a well-known cultivar in china, but “mango dong zao” seems to be a name coined here in usa. Maybe dongzao and mango dongzao are the same cultivar? I am clueless. A confounding thing is that fruits of your winter d has no semblance whatsoever of the winter d fruits i have


Respecto de: Cómo cultivar un azufaifo o jinjolero: un frutal para cuerpo y mente

Very good article. It did give “mi español” a workout… is azulfaifo and jinjolero interchangeable? I read somewhere that azufaifo was ziziphus lotus but this article made a distinction and used it as Z. jujuba. What do you know about ziziphus lotus?

It also said that the trees did not reach full production until they were ~20 years old but could start harvesting nice fruits at 5-6 years. Sooooo, because of jujus eagerness to bear fruit early perhaps we really expect our trees to be prolifically productive way before they are ready. ??? Or does this article just sell them short??


i think they are interchangeable, but that is basing it on what i see at Lowe’s , lol

z. lotus is a true middle eastern/north african native, and might be adam and eve’s juju ‘apple’…

that is probably accurate for their locale.Perhaps juju trees there continue to branch out significantly(hence more fruits overall). Especially if irrigated…
here juju trees don’t get much taller and does not branch out as much at around 5 years of age.


Every fruit I’ve eaten from cultivars named Winter Delight has had mediocre to average fruit. The jujube lady in Salinas, CA had one to sell the last time I visited her but I didn’t buy it because the fruit was just not good enough. The fruit was much smaller and tasted different than the OGW WD, but the taste was no better.

I just don’t want people to confuse Autumn Beauty, which is really good, and OGW’s WD. I no longer pay any attention to the Chinese names because I don’t think they are authentic.


yeah, it seems like ogw have two winter delight’s. The one that you obtained many years ago, and the one that i have now.
am just really perplexed as that nursery trademarked the name


This one’s hot off the press. A good read , just hoping will someday have a sequel re: clones on own roots, which for some reason not given much importance


introducing ‘vegas lucky’. A seedling from sihong seed that took 3 yrs to start bearing flowers, and only on its 4th year did it produce fruits. It seems capable of producing them in bunches as shown below, and the average size(for a first crop, apart from being in potted condition) indicate bigger fruits in the future.

has a tinge of sihong in flavor and texture, and quite juicy despite our recent 110F’s. It is superior to hj and sc in my opinion. Can’t wait to poach root cuttings this winter!

Why my Li Jujube leaves are turning yellow - Pls Help!

My Sihong fruits are coming along nicely this year. Last year they were very small.

My HJ fruits are about gone. Not even a hundred in the tree this year. Most of my fruits are sub par too. Rain has split them and bugs attacking the open fruit. Other fruit shriveling on the trees before ripening …so I don’t understand what is going on…

So I post pictures of the few doing well…

XuZhou fruits are bigger than last year and good amount

Massandra has two dozen or so fruits and isn’t two foot tall and is blooming again

This is a 2017 SiHong seedling. Scant blooms no fruit. It stands 5 foot tall. Kinda resembles a wild jujube so the only thing that makes me think it might have better fruit is that it hasn’t fruited yet… I have a wild jujube the same age and about the same size that has fruited the last two years. This one has a couple of late blooms on it. I have a sucker from it in a pot. It has not bloomed yet.

Love seeing all the pictures of your fruits and trees!


Vegas lucky sounds great with all the casinos around you!! I would love to invite Vegas Lucky to Omaha!


in such a hurry to send out rations of the little twiggies, and hopefully root cuttings!
have to say this v. lucky is the most exciting new cultivar have come up with-- after booty :slight_smile:

that is so nice to look at. Glad your sihong is establishing itself well. The foliage and branching look really healthy too!

tambien aqui!

here are our xu zhou and r4t3 grafts on li interstem. Xu zhou is sadly prone to cracking where we’re at…

and below are so and so…

the three bigger ones on my palm are jfae’s, whereas the three smaller ones on my fingers are burntridge’s. Jfae’s is more juicy and have better flavor, while burntridge’s is a bit dry and so-so
in flavor when ripened at the height of summer.