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it is looking good! And seems to be twice the size of the one i received. I am jealous :wink:


It’s not a lot bigger if any. I’d say 2 1/2 to 3 foot.


Raf, It would not be bad to clean up a little your pruning scissors :slight_smile:
Is it possible to reproduce jujube in this way? Since I did not have much success with seeds, maybe I could try this way to get seedlings.


but those golden brown swirls and streaks fashionably impart a rust-ic look :smile:

kidding aside, yes, jujubes vegetatively reproduce this way. Many nurseries actually use suckers instead of seedlings for rootstock. Domesticated juju cultivars on their own roots are coveted because there’s no need to graft, and are not as thorny as the typical wild-type rootstock used by nurseries.


the first usa-grown and usa-processed jujube dates i have seen being sold here in las vegas. Quite pricey compared to those dried jujus shipped from china. Quite likely li cultivar .

IMO, sihong and hj juju dates should be prioritized by juju farmers


Thanks to @k8tpayaso for the tip re: jujus on own roots. So excited for below to arrive at our doorstep! And also curious about shanxi li, which has totally different description from what received from Mr R. Meyer…
and have to give loads of credit to JFAE for pioneering the mass production of self-rooted domesticated jujus. I foresee it being their “bread and butter” with their sales of jujubes.

[Order #16955] (June 1, 2019)

Product Quantity Price
Mango Dong Zho “Winter Delight” Jujube Tree - Own Root, 3 GAL, 3-4 FT 1 $64.99
Ga-866 Jujube Tree - Own Root, 3 GAL, 3-4 FT 1 $59.99
Honey Jar Jujube Tree - Own Root, 3 GAL, 3-4 FT 1 $69.99
Shanxi Li Jujube Tree - Own Root, 3 GAL, 3-4 FT 1 $59.99
Subtotal: $254.96
Shipping: $86.69 via Delivery
Payment method: Credit Card
Total: $341.65


What a great way to kick off the month of June! Are they still shipping trees at this time of the year?


Yes, these are shipped potted not bare root.


yes, they are, and copy-pasted below the delivery date. They only ship on mondays, which makes sense.
btw, with juju cultivars on their own roots, the seller wins because there’s no need to graft, which should help lower costs, and the buyer wins because there’s no need to worry about undesirable suckers.
the only possible caveat to this of course, is if the cultivar does not do well on its own roots, say-- sensitive to “cold feet”(in colder regions), as spinosa-type rootstock seems to be the most hardy— if not impossible to kill if it spreads out into a practically immortal thicket(which is a good thing that can also be seen as bad).

Shipping Date


Our plants ship on Mondays. Please select a Monday and your plant will ship as soon as possible, weather permitting. Expect delivery in 3 to 5 business days. You will receive a UPS tracking number the day your plants are shipped.


@jujubemulberry how is your Contorted doing? Mine got a bit of a shock with our 19 degree temp after breaking bud. The top scaffold had to be cut back but it’s coming out from the next one down so it didn’t lose a lot of height. It has a few fruitlets on it.


forgot to add, several years ago we were successful getting hj to root using walmart-obtained rooting hormones, but the specimen was rather weak(perhaps due to the plant version of 'roid rage? not really sure), which only sent out a few deciduous fruiting branches(that didn’t blossom) and died after two or three years. Perhaps overdosed it or underdosed, i really don’t know
jfae evidently found the right combination of plant hormone brew specific to jujus-- considering that they are already selling them!


ours seemed to have suffered as well with our unusually cold spring. The month of may was the coldest have experienced so far. We never turned on the AC the entire month, which says a lot! Anyway, the contorted is alive and bearing some fruitlets, and did grow a couple of short uprights, but nothing of promise, so far.


There was an upright about to grow before the freeze but it didn’t make it through the cold. The upper branch that is growing now has been very weak growth but I’ve noticed an uptick in the last week on it and perhaps a new upright coming up. The rest of it looks okay…even the branches that were budded but the top branch took a hit as did several of my other young plants. The others were quicker to bounce back. So… time will tell. I think @tonyOmahaz5 has some Honey Jar seedlings that make it through his winters just fine. On my Contorted seedlings I had die back on about 50% of them…not to the ground but the upper branches. 50% are unharmed. My Honey Jar seedlings as a group did much better…80% or better are fine and most of those are last summer seedlings. Guess we will find out the toughies and the wussies.


intriguing findings, would appreciate if you and @tonyOmahaz5 keep everyone here posted. Btw, almost certain there will be undetermined diseases or maladies(say, sensitivity to alkaline soil/water) which seedlings here might be susceptible to(depending on their genetics), and that such diseases/maladies might be absent in other states. So it is not just about cold-temp sensitivity which leads to seedling failure(or clone-on-own-root failure).

thanks to this forum, we should slowly but surely manage to de-mystify this amazing but likewise challenging species :slight_smile:


Yes. I got about 20 Honey Jar seedlings in two rows for trial. About 10 of them died back the the soil level and re-sprouted now and the other ten got 1/3 of the top died back due to the -20F.


-20F is already an extreme for jujus in general. Sure says a lot about hj’s genetics.


I have a wild sour seedlings that died back to the soil several years and then it didnt. As they get older thry get stronger and adapt just like pears.


apart from age and caliper thickness, full sun during growing seasons help protect against wicked winters, as an increase in stored sugars and starch increase the anti-freeze and/or insulating effects.

full sun also prevents or minimizes etiolation(spindly growth) which increases surface area to volume ratio.


@jujubemulberry so you going to keep yours potted? I’ve got several really great grafts growing and tempted to plant them now. It’s in the 80’s and these were rootstocks from New Mexico mountain area. My guess it would be better for them to stay in pots until the fall? Some of the graft growth is two foot or more. Sure would like to see them growing out instead of root bound though.


I think your Winter is not extreme as mine so planting them in the ground should be OK imo.