Mature viewers only -- explicit Jujube videos/photos


i had porterville but it was grown as an understory graft which apparently regressed as a result, or inadvertently grafted over when thought it was just another li branch as apparently lost the tag…

it wasn’t too productive from what can remember, but the fruit was great, exactly as you’ve described it


Mine was not very productive for many years. As it slowly grew larger in its pot, the productivity increased until it was pretty good last year. I’m guessing the tree needs to be a certain size before it produces much fruit.


just as we walk our dogs out in the sun, i do the same for my juju cuttings, but only until the leaves show signs of drooping…
below are what appear to be successfully-rooted:





and below is an off-topic bonus
pak mulb cutting exhibiting new growth. White rootlet(pointing at 2 o’clock position) partly visible at base of the front-facing leaf. Also budding out at 3 o’clock


Do you do jujube root cutting anytime of the year or only in the spring?

Any tips on how to increase the odds of successful rooting?


i wish can write about it like an expert, but i only tried doing cuttings a few times. I did it already with hj several years ago, which lived for about a couple years then croaked.
i am not really sure if it is better to have them leaf out first, then take a cutting and treat with IBA, or if it is better to do the cuttings in winter(prior to leafing out, and then treat them with IBA when weather gets warmer)
btw, i treated them with Hormex #16, or should i say–nuked them with Hormex #16, as have no clue as to what the optimum concentration really is needed for this hard-to-root species.

yes, yes, organic produce “purists” will probably ding me for using iba, but have to qualify that iba is virtually non-toxic and is actually a hormone produced naturally by certain plants. And even if it is not considered organic, the application is only a one-time thing, because propagating jujus on own roots is easier via root cuttings, so once you get a cultivar’s stem to root, you simply just poach for root cuttings when the self-rooted clone sizes up

anyway, the only “expertise” i can vouch for is that it is best to grow them in humid conditions…hence the makeshift greenhouse, aka uber-ghetto ziploc bags :smile: and to give them as much light(until the new growth shows signs of getting droopy…)

a few others have been cloning(or attempting to clone) jujus on own roots: @Livinginawe, @tonyOmahaz5, and just recently as myself, @k8tpayaso.

at any rate, will be posting a little video tutorial on self-rooted jujus as soon as i get my photos(and my life) organized…


How long you been working on that… I’m sure not as long as I have!!!



Any special words I can speak to this HJ fruit to make it grow larger? :slight_smile: The heat the past week has been good to it although it’s still plenty small.


seems you like you’re underestimating me again, lol

you know you can’t rush perfection :wink:

kidding aside, hj’s don’t really size up, but its qualities are worth it for many. At the largest would be about the size of a a well-watered bing cherry. About 1" across


Today’s orchard news

The good news:

Redlands #4 Very good this year. Not a big load but quite a few. Large fruits that are certainly not juicy but more dense than Li and sweeter. Second year to fruit for this tree and an improvement.

Contorted seedling that I planted in the orchard last year fruited this year. 4 fruits that were the size of Honey Jar. Pits maybe a bit larger than HJ. Fruit is very sweet—maybe too sweet. Kinda like maple syrup. Next year I will pick them before they turn brown and see what they taste like. No photos of the fruit—was eaten!

A new crop of several fruit. A few Mango Dong Zho, Sugar Cane, and Chico. Here are the Chico

The bad news:

The Feral hogs made a visit. They leave the ground like it was plowed. No trees were destroyed but they got very close. So now we’re out to try and repair the damage


Those porkers are kind of cute, until they start doing damage…


When I spoke with JFaE about how they were rooting jujube, they said that they were using new growth during the summer and had a device that would keep them misted with water. Even so, their take rate wasn’t great.

I’ve never succeeded myself, but that doesn’t mean I stop trying, given that it doesn’t really cost me anything. I pruned some jujube and figured I might as well see if they will root. So I cut up the prunings from the fast-growing jujube at the rental (maybe vigorous ones will have better take rate?), dipped them in rooting hormone, and stuck them in moist leaf mulch in a closed bucket. I left 1 leaf on each. Of course, I don’t really think it will work so I didn’t even bother to keep the varieties straight, Watch it work and leave me with unknown cultivars…But, I don’t think it will be that hard to tell them apart. If it has fruit, it is Honey Jar. If not, it is the Li :slight_smile:

I accidentally did one last January when one of the trees I was planting had a large root broken off. I was able to graft it immediately (Kima from Frutwood) and the graft took. Here it is now:

Wow- what were they looking for? Obviously not jujube, or the trees would have been trashed. Grubs? Truffles? :slight_smile:


Evidently you’re not looking at the same animals that I see…


They have a wide assortment of things to eat but when they are digging its grubs, earthworms, insects, grass tubers, roots, etc. They are omnivores and will go after small animals and even larger ones that are weak. Some of these hogs get up to 1000 pounds but most of the adults run between 350 and 500. They are a big nuisance all over Texas and the south and we can’t win the war. They have mostly left me alone but my main guard dog is getting old (15) deaf and blind. The others are basically useless!


Wow- against a 1000 pound hog, I think all of us would count as weak!

And I don’t think they would fit in my traps…

Well, at least they did some free tilling for you. Maybe incorporate some organic matter into the holes before re-leveling? My town collects the leaves each fall and composts them, so they make a unlimited amount available at the transfer station. After seeing the Australian video where he was growing jujus in compost, I’ve started top-dressing with leaves, especially at the sites where the soil tends to dry out quickly.


He have them here too… they destroy a lot of crops specially corn.


Quite macabre @k8tpayaso. You wouldnt think pet/farm pigs revert to their innately wild nature when set free.


Has anyone grown Churchpoint jujube? Taylor Yowell in Mississippi is growing it he says it originated in Louisiana:

“Similar in size to Honey Jar. Taste is almost lemony sorrel like and very sweet at the same time. I have really enjoyed it so far.”

The fruit is not very distinctive looking - Churchpoint%20jujube%202


I tried both green growth upright stems and lignified upright stems but for some reason more wuccessful with lignified uprights. All the other stems are dead. I didnt count but my estimated success rate was probably 10%.

3 out of around 30, and all were of lignified stems


Nice find @castanea, i never heard of it!


Honey Jar


Dae So Jo

Questionable. Sherwood from Doan"s nursery in Texas. Anyone can guess for me?

Orange Beauty

Very early even before Honey Jar, sweet, crunchy, and juicy. A solid jujube for sure.

Rootstock jujube taste decent