Mature viewers only -- explicit Jujube videos/photos


Just a brief follow up and then I won’t continue to hijack this thread. These hogs are more than escaped domestic hogs. Beginning around 1900 and continuing until recent years some Eurasian wild boars were imported to fenced and non fenced game preserves for hunting. There are hybrids with escaped domestic stock but these for the most part are mean nasty animals with their numbers out of control! Now…back to jujubes!!!


Churchpoint was popularized in Louisiana by David Lavergne.


it does look like sherwood. Sherwood may come in many shapes though, from pear shaped to slightly torpedo shaped to barrel shaped


just couldn’t stop raving about this v.lucky. Have sampled through the dozen or so of the first-ever crop(and in the hottest temps) and this truly is sihong in a smaller but juicier package. Also predict it will be way more productive compared to sihong/chico/sherwood/ga866 in colder regions, considering its performance on its first crop as a potted specimen.

barely a 3 ft tall youngster but obviously prolific for its size and age and soil-deprived condition(overgrown with weeds…)

sweetness and complex fruity fragrance/flavor are undoubtedly those of its mother, so just hoping fruits get bigger with age

fruits are not as dense as mom’s but is juicy and crisp like sugarcane. Have to say it is now my most favored seed-grown cultivar


did you mean “hog” this thread ? :grinning:
i actually don’t mind, i learned something new


Alright Raf, you got me all excited about Vegas Lucky now. Hopefully, VL will arrive to Omaha in February 2021 hint!!!


Congrats with all your jujube trees they look great and looks like you’ll be getting pretty good amount of fruit from them!

Beautiful property by the way! Too bad for the feral hogs they can do some big damage.
I always wanted to go hunting in Texas hint hint! Lol :joy:




Thanks Ruben! We love it here. We are right on the vernal edge of Texas just before you get to mesquite trees and rattlesnakes. To the east of us are pine trees and forests. Mostly a very humid area. I think the jujubes like it for the sunshine and heat. I think a few of them, XuZhou in particular, don’t do as well in the humidity. All my trees are still young so will see how well they perform in a few more years.

Lots of people hunt here. You have to come try it out!


if remember it right, i put you on my will.

on Article 2, paragraph 5 it says:

let it be known that you and many others(referred to as the grantee), from whom grantor benefited immensely via a cordial exchange in ideas/materials, as well as having helped out with business publicity, are to receive budwood or root cuttings of any desirable cultivar that grantor might come up with.

you may freely trade or sell them as clones or grafted specimens, or give them away. Grantor’s only request is for you to hurriedly broadcast whatever you’ve received to as many people as you can – just as grantor expeditiously broadcast the itty-bitty, teeny-weeny stems to you…

and should others be left out due to the scant available material, then you, in turn, are thereby requested to prioritize sharing with them as soon as you have established them in your orchard…


Jujube Mulberry(referred to as the grantor)



30th August, 2020


What does Article 1 cover?


you wouldn’t want to go there
it refers to who might be responsible for my liabilities/debts etc. :laughing:


Not for me!!! But if you find a really responsible party please forward name and contact info. Perhaps I could allow them to be responsible for mine too!


Raf, you are an awesome philanthropist !!!


Not sure about that @tonyOmahaz5

Just in a hurry to populate mother earth with long lived and low-maintenance edibles :slight_smile:
Vegas is probably the least likely place on earth able to contribute anything of substance to agriculture/food production, so in a hurry to change that


That sounds great, as I really liked the Sihong fruit you sent me that one time. But the Sihong I’ve planted (3 years ago) don’t even seem close to fruiting.

3 of those 4 have never set for me. Sherwood appears to be the exception, with a decent amount of fruit in year #5. 2 Sihong, 2 Chico (was 4, but 2 died in tougher spots), and 1 GA866 = 0 fruit. I’d be happy to put Vegas Candy and any other promising cultivars to the test in a challenging region.

On the other hand, I was mowing the lawn at a rental today and there was fruit on 2 first year trees:


Redland closer:

Russia #2:

Note- I also have a 2 year old Russia #2 with 4 fruit on it at home.

My Xu Zhou has seemed pretty good with it so far, at least in terms of fruit-set. Though I’m guessing you are referring to fruit split at harvest, which I haven’t gotten to yet. It wouldn’t surprise me if it isn’t too bad- I think fruit (in general) tends to split more when it has been dry and gets wet. It’s almost always wet here, so I’m hoping it will be OK (knock on wood).

Sounds great- Do you know of any scionwood sources for it?


v candy is nothing more than a curio @BobVance. While it does dry into excellent dates, the small size is not worth it if you can actually get other cultivars to bear. Merely sent v. candy and v. baby to see if they’d be fruitful in an out-of-zone area. V. baby is even tinier!

booty and lucky are now my priorities giving away. Spicy was pretty good ripened in late oct-november last year, but fruits this August had a radically off-putting flavor and texture, evidently compromised by our hot summer.

and considering that spicy is older and planted on a 20 gallon pot with lots compost, whereas lucky and booty were in 5 gallon pots on old soil.

glitzy, bounty, and sweetie did not bear fruits this year. Neither the mother plants nor the grafts on established trees(which were quite vigorous in fact, but all of them had 100% fruit-drop…). Am blaming it on the long winter(2019-20) we had here. Which makes me think they won’t do well in out-of-zone areas…

sihong is not an over-the-top producer here either. From what i noticed, jujus with dense flesh don’t bear as much as those that have lighter flesh. Sihong/sherwood/ga 866 are three that have relatively dense pulp(in descending order). If you liked sihong, well, i anticipate–and hope-- v. lucky will be more productive than sihong in your area.
can’t wait to mass-produce and broadcast this v. lucky!


Here’s the lonely Vegas Booty fruit.

Hopefully, I will be on your “nice” list for those Vegas series :grin:


I am working on getting samples of the fruit and scionwood.


I had a Sihong tree that was about 25 years old, in the ground, and it was never a heavy producer.