Mature viewers only -- explicit Jujube videos/photos


Two Churchpoint jujubes and one Yazoo Li jujube. Yazoo Li is not a formal name. It’s just a placeholder while the grower tries to figure out whether Yazoo Li is really Li, or something else.

The Churchpoint jujubes have a citrus overtone. They are good, but lack depth of flavor and lack enough sweetness. But these are the only two I have tried and that’s not enough for a valid evaluation.

Yazoo Li was a little past its prime, but had a banana flavor note that I am not sure I have ever noted in a jujube before. It’s very interesting. I want to try more of them. I don’t think it’s Li, but it’s hard to know because I don’t eat Li fruit when they are past their prime.


the name alone sure catches one’s attention :wink:


You didn’t happen to have get a brix reading, did you? If they lack enough sweetness, but had 20 brix instead of 30 and they would still be interesting, given the citrus flavor. If they are 10 brix, no amount of unusual flavor is enough to compensate.

Have they been productive for that grower?

You’re making me jealous. My first fruit of the year are about to ripen and he’s already got cultivars which are done. I’m still looking for a jujube which will ripen in August for me…

They did. But the yellow jackets and fruit flies like them as well. I went by today for the first time in a week and picked over a quart of figs (about 2X what is in the pic). They taste good and are quite sweet, but 90%+ have at least some damage. My daughter and I ate the ones with minor damage and I’m lucky my wife isn’t squeamish about eating the rest.


love it!


No brix reading on Churchpoint.


Turns out the name is from the city where it is growing:

Yazoo Li was planted in the early 80s and became a large tree before blowing over completely in the 2010 Yazoo City tornado (discussed in the link above). It has now sent up many fruiting sprouts. So it looks like this is not Li, and may be a seedling tree. If I can confirm that these sprouts really are producing these huge fruits, I would certainly want one of the sprouts.


Interesting! Seed grown with suckers. Hey, am a sucker for that lol

Also intriguing that it is named a li, considering that li has never given me viable seeds after all these years.


It is now confirmed that the large fruit in the photo above was produced on a root sprout. The old tree is totally destroyed and all that is left are root sprouts. So this is probably a seedling.

The Li name comes from a suspicion that the fruit might really be Li, or simply that it looks like a Li type.


that’s great news. One more additional cultivar to try. The more the merrier!


More photos of Yazoo Li -



Fruits start ripening around August 22 in central Mississippi and usually finish right about now - September 10.


that is just beautiful @castanea

the provenance and the photos.

Thanks for sharing!


Taylor Yowell will be selling suckers this winter. His website is:

His Facebook page is:


Those jujubes are huge!!!


$6.50 a lb and sold out. Good for him.


one more ‘bright and sunny’ post on this forum. Hopefully someday when i retire, will have the time and space to establish a commercial juju orchard :slight_smile:


I sold a few jujubes to a neighbor. Unfortunately the beavers discovered them and cut them down to stumps. Should I try to graft over them now in fall or wait till spring? In DFW area with highs in 80s still.


better to wait for spring imo. Cambium growth occurs mostly, if not exclusively, with new growth. It getting caught by cold weather can compromise graft junction.

never “leave it to beaver”, if you’ve seen a few episodes :wink:


Thanks for advice. These beavers caught us by surprise as they just moved in after recent flooding. Needless to say we protected the remaining trees stat!


For Yazoo Li suckers and wood, here is Taylor’s latest message:

“Sucker availability will be limited this Winter. Although, scion wood will be plentiful. We intend to place both items on our website for sale this Winter. Suckers will more than likely be on a first come, first serve basis this year. I will be sure to post when we have added these items for purchase on our website in a few months ( Thank you!”


appreciate you “winging” it for us ! Hopefully can snag one soon