Mature viewers only -- explicit Jujube videos/photos


I left a message on his web site and I just got a nice response from him.


Taylor is a super nice guy. And a very hard worker.


Have to add his website is so down to earth as well


kuk jae 1 ho–quite painstaking typing that!

quite identical to li, and produced the largest juju fruit here in vegas. Only this year that it produced a good number of fruits, so will check each of the pits to see if there might be viable seed, which would give insight to veracity of not being a li…


Did this come from Cliff?


One of the many good members gave it to me, if remember it right, it was originally from England’s


5 days of straight raining and the ripen Honey Jar starting to crack so I have to harvest a gallon full before the stink bugs are after the cracked super sweet fruits.

Ripen Prok American persimmons are dropping also. Great time of the year :joy:

Sugarcane jujube


Here is my tiny autumn beauty jujube among the concrete jungle

Shanxi li They took to the 91f-29f snap nicely.


I know that I’m tempting fate here by sharing this but I am full of hope…

Chico air layer:



A chiquito of a chico, maravilloso! you did it!
It is so addictive doing, right?


Yes it is! I have another one with a couple of inch long roots and one with lots of callus so time will tell on all of them!!


The fruit on my honey jar grafted this year are still sizing up. I got in close so it looks bigger :slight_smile:


Your Honey Jar is quite round. Mine are mostly angular.


Maybe because mine are still young? Are yours angular from the start?


our hj’s are roundish too, would you have photos of yours?


My Sugar Cane cracked a bit as well, but the damage was minimal. These were very good- nice crisp texture and juicy. The one near my thumb was 27 brix. Well received by all.

Same for me- I think my HJ look about like his. The younger fruit is even more round.


My Honey Jar are not round (to me). They tend to have a square bottom. The square bottom is more pronounced on mature fruit making the shape looks like a jar (a narrower top and wider square bottom)

Here are some pics. Some of those fruit are young.


I can see what you mean about the bottom. Mine are mostly roundish, but with a flattened bottom.

Honey Jar from Burnt Ridge:

Honey Jar from JFaE (own roots):

Sugar Cane size advantage:

The SC had better texture too. But, the HJ is one of the first of the season, while the SC are about to hit their peak. I’ve noticed that for most varieties, the first few fruit to ripen aren’t as good as the later ones. It is quite noticeable with So as well.


Since this was the first week of SC ripening, none of them made it to my refractometer which is in the house :grin:

I finished them in the driveway! They are addictive.


some of our hj’s look like yours, while some look like @BobVance 's.
have to say that the only shape ours never had would be some of @tonyOmahaz5’s