Members photos on Growingfruit


Great pic Moley. Love the sign. You need to gain some weight though. You’re entirely too trim and athletic looking. Everyone feels better when their chefs are overweight :smile:


if you saw how intensive I’ve planted my yard, you’d understand the need to stay trim. :sunglasses: I have to go sideways to get into some areas. I don’t eat a lot at work, it tends to slow me down. However, i taste everything that leaves or enters the kitchen.


Me and my brother, Im on the left


my wife and 2 kids are a bit less involved in the internet, but this is me, sexying up the laboratory


and here’s a couple photos of our other kids




Congratulations, a beautiful baby. your fruits might be disappeared mysteriously in a few years


Here our family.


Beautiful family. Thanks for posting


and 2 more family members. Adam and Josie.


Lol, I like the coats.


Our yard in Spring 2016.


Vincent, lovely family


Thank you Annie.


For some reason, I have the evil look—well, I’m winning the battle between Gardener vs Birds. Oh No! I’m not letting those Desert birds eat my Flavor Queen Pluots. .


I like those tiles.

Those poor dogs look overworked.


Here is a picture of our dogs on watch for my DH peace while he is sleeping in his chair after lunch.

As you can see, they take turns in it - while orange watching, black is taking quick rest. That’s the way to go :grin:


A typical Caturday


I just found this thread. Sadly, my previous personal computer crashed. I have most of the family photos backed up somewhere, but only have a handful on this computer. Here’s a photo of myself, my wife and our youngest son, I’ll try to find a photo of his big brother as well.


OK, found a family photo, here’s all of us taken a year or two ago.