Members photos on Growingfruit


Hi all! This is my two boys and myself.

Yes they are redheads. :smile:


Makes them easier to find in a crowd. :slight_smile:


I’m feeling like a cow-boy this week!
Like a Geeky cowboy, perhaps?


My lovely wife & myself.


Dude, You married up!! I know, so did I.:grinning:


Haha, I sure the hell did!!


My-self and the pomegrates.


Ah to be young and handsome…!!


You have done quite a great job with all of your trees and shrubs! Love the hat!


I’d just take young!


I would settle for just young as well


Here is me:


Looks like a serious garden you have going there!


I work on a decent sized farm, standing in my little lettuce field. Have had a good year in spite of the heat and drought. Found a frog in my old arugula patch today enjoying all the water I am putting on!


Steve, what are you talking about? You appear to be ageless. Your greenhouse stonefruit must act as a fountain-of-youth elixir.


What a brave soul, walking through fields while wearing flip-flops! You must not have to contend with wild blackberries sprouting everywhere.

Nice pic of the feet and sun-browned strong arms. I’ll have to invest in some photo enhancement software to bring your face out of the shadows. I can’t even tell if you’re sporting a stache. :wink:


Thanks Muddy, sometimes I go barefoot like the Amish girls! I’ve got some wild hops along one border that get me if I don’t get them first but otherwise it is all grasses and pigweed I have to worry about.

That is a mustache, not much of one even in the light though :slight_smile:


Me posing with a fig tree at the Montreal Botanical Garden a few weeks ago…


And I can tell you do a lot of walking all over it because you look in great shape. Thanks for sharing the pic.


First baby Starfruit!!! So excited and nervous. I must have checked on it 14 times during the Santa Ana winds yesterday!