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Hopefully, you will get some ripe Star fruits this season. I liked them on my salads.



Both are very lovely, the starfruit flowers and the owner.


Youngest son Owen on top of first try at watermelon growing

This is me with Owen last year



Me, my wife and my son, about 5 or 6 years ago.


My wife in front of a monster American x European chestnut tree in Washington state.


Can the little guy pick one of those watermelons up?:smiley: Looks like they outweigh him.


Whereabouts in Washington is that? Brady


It’s in a cemetery in Tumwater.


So jealous your chestnuts out West don’t get blight.

We’re breeding them back East in an attempt to bring back disease-resistant Americans.

I have a couple Restoration 1.0 nuts growing.


Found a picture of the whole crew minus me


Crazy blueberry pickers.


So, here’s my little family. This was taken a few days ago at Carlsbad beach, between our rain storms. We had a nice, sunny, warm day, so took the kiddos down to the beach for a walk. My 3 daughters, hubby and our darling little granddaughter. Missing is my son in law, who was the photographer:


All I can say is you Californians seem to have such a rough life :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yea, but someone’s gotta do it, though! :grin:


Why are you in winter coats?:sunglasses:


Nah, those aren’t winter coats :slight_smile: I have a thin 3/4 sleeve yoga sweatshirt on. Dave’s got his surf shirt on. Samantha on the far left has a little leather jacket on, Meggie (holding the baby) has a cardigan sweater on, and so does Katie on the far right. It was probably about 65 out. A little windy.


Here is a picture of me and my first time salmon fishing. This was a 25 lber too! I don’t have many pictures of myself. This was a couple years ago.


Handsome picture, John. Both you and that salmon, yum!!! Where were you out fishing?


That was out of Ludington, Michigan. We were on lake Michigan. That was my first time holding a big live fish. My friend who took me was laughing at the way I’m holding it, like it’s fifty pounds, lol! I think 25 lbs is master angler in mich. My friend goes I’ll drive the boat and you reel them in. It was a blast! Fished for three days labor day weekend. We did five outings only one Monday morning after a storm and cold weather. We had ten foot waves and only caught one that morning. It just a challenge to stay standing that day. Going out Sunday afternoon one of the old timers on his yacht in the marina as we were pulling out said I wouldn’t go out there if I were you. There’s a storm coming in. I said don’t worry we’re only going on a three hour tour. Lol! Lake Mich has the best sunsets and rises of the the other great lakes I’ve been on.


John, are from Mi. There is some great fishing in this state but never been salmon fishing.