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Great thread! I’m very proud of this photo. Here I am in June 2016 with our Israeli soldiers at the western wall in Israel.

My sisters bf on the right and me on the left. Israel - Syria boarder over looking Syria

somewhere in the desert…


If the fish is held out more,closer to the camera,it will look even bigger. Brady


Talkin’ fruit trees at Walter Andersen Nursery in Poway, CA.


Yes, like this


Oh my. Just oh my.


I remember that one!! #80 at least!:wink:


Yeah right! It’s all about how you hold it. Here’s another flathead about the same size not as close to the camera, lol. I love this picture, my grandson is trying to push my hand further away because he thought the fish was yucky.


At first I thought oh no he’s posting a picture of his wife’s grave. Then I spotted her right at the tree. That’s a huge tree.


Wow, still in diapers and grew all those watermelons! A melon Mozart.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

Great picture.


I think we all need to go! Rent a charter and have some fun!
John that is a huge fish! I caught a 4 foot sturgeon and it was only 17 pounds.


January in my greenhouse. Dax


Ugh. You have so much SPACE. Hashtag: “jealous.”


So what do you have growing there? I seen some of your stuff in other posts, are they bench grafted nuts.


OK, I’ve resisted doing this, but I needed to take the plunge. Here are a few pics of me and Mrs Dood.

Here is an anniversary pic, from a few years ago. We got married in our 40s, so we’re relatively old newlyweds. We just had our 8th anniversary on Valentine’s Day.

Here is a pic of me and our vicious (not) watchdog, named Bomber, from Easter of last year. The newly planted apple orchard is in the background just above my head.

And a nice pic of my wife taken in winter holding a cat that we had on the farm years ago, but has since run off (the cat, not the wife!). Bomber is trying to photo bomb the shot, think he was jealous.


This is my profile pic. It is a little dated now, as kids grow so fast. This is my son and I in the spring of 2016. He is holding a branch I pruned off to make a graft


Last NY’s eve… with wife Tara and our two daughters: Zoe (4 years old) and Charis (7 years old)


Here’s one of me grafting our Euro plum on April 9th last year.


Charis and Zoe in front of our ornamental weeping cherry on April 3rd last year.


Wow, I have not looked here in a bit. Nice to see faces! It’s really great to see all the photos, thanks for posting everybody.


Just scrolled thru this thread of member photos for the 1st time in a while. If anyone is feeling a little down from the winter blues these photos of our members and their beautiful families will cheer you up. Also reading applenut’s story of helping folks in Africa grow apples starting around post 260 is an inspirational story of helping others by sharing fruit growing knowledge.