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@Matt_in_Maryland There’s nothing better than having a big greenhouse… I really appreciate that.

@Derby42 I have tubs behind me with grafted nuts, persimmons and pawpaws. The rest are pecan seedlings, persimmon seedlings, I have some pawpaw seedlings; there are oaks for rootstocks… and random bits and pieces: a couple magnolia cutlivar F2’s and other odds and ends. It’s more exciting being in there than telling you what is in there!



A typical picture of me as I look now on a good day. LOL!


Yer welcome. I was wondering what folks thought what I looked like before I posted. I enjoyed @auburn’s funny predictions of some folks earlier in this thread.

My wife would prefer I not post a lot of pics of her, but she has a Facebook page with her pics on it, so I don’t think she’d mind some in here as long as they’re not too “goofy”, as she calls some of them.


I had pictured subdood as an older plump fellow in overalls. You look much better in the photo than in my imagination. Good thing you posted the photo. Your wife is also very attractive.


Thanks. She’s a good girl, I take her for granted way too much. Her farm experience and knowledge puts me to shame but I’m trying to catch up.

LOL, no not plump in the least. I would like to have a bit more “insulation” to deal with the winters. But I just layer on the clothes, starting with the long johns, t shirt, sweatshirt, and parka if it’s really cold. Older? I’m 52, seems unreal.

I found some flannel lined jeans at Rural King, they are awesome, sometimes I can wear those instead of the long johns. If interested, don’t buy the same size of flannel pants as your regular jeans, see correction below.

And, no overalls, yet. I’ve almost made the complete transformation from city boy to Hillbilly. My progression so far:

  1. Tractor, plow, disc, bush hog - check
  2. Ford truck - check
  3. Rifles, and assorted other firearms - check
  4. Ammo - check
  5. Food canner - check
  6. Chainsaw - check
  7. Muck boots - check
  8. Big tiller (front tine, of course) - check
  9. Farm dog - check, although coon/hound dog is preferred.
  10. Hunting blind - check

Still to come- 4wd truck, chickens, wood stove, overalls, still (?!?). Is it illegal to make your own 'shine, as long as you’re not selling it? Don’t think the Mrs would allow it at any rate.

Correction: those flannel jeans size comments were wrong. For example, if you wear 32×34 regular jeans, you would need like 34x32 in the flannel ones. They are thicker so you need a larger waist size, and shorter length. Sorry!


Levers, the one in front of you holding your young son in front of the little apple is a really nice picture. The grafting is really late, though, at least for the east coast. .


No still?


Haha, no not yet. I still don’t know if it’s illegal if you brew yer own. I mean some folks make their own beer or wine, so why not some homegrown bourbon? Prob not gonna happen, I was kinda kidding.


I like the ‘kinda’ part.


Love it. I’m not good at picturing people so nice to have photos.


Nice looking family, Rob. You’re all blondes! Is that a Frankenplum tree? I mean a multiple graft plum.


Thanks Bob! Well I’m way more gray than blond now. Used to be a towhead! Charis has my hair and Zoe has Mom’s.

Yes, that’s a Green Gage Plum I bought from Costco probably a few years ago. I’ve grafted a lot of good Euro plums on there. Hopefully this will be the year I’ll get a plum off it!


Your wife looks like a lady that lives on our road, she has similarly colored hair, and her husband has dark hair. They have 4 kids, and all of them have almost white hair! They’re cute kids, but I just found that odd that they all have that trait.


BTW, my wife has a 21-year-old (next month) daughter, who is married, but has dark hair since she favors her dad.


My wife and I have that same shirt, but in short sleeve (and with our last names, of course). We also have two other designs. I don’t recall the name of the company that she ordered them from.


Yes, that’s one of my favorite shirts. My mom surprised me with it one year. We get the mailings for it on occasion, so I’ll look out for it again and post it here when they send it to me. I prefer the long sleeve even when it’s hot. That way I don’t have to worry about slathering on all that sun block.


Which Carlsbad beach? Our family’s favorite spot when we used to live in Vista was the military academy beach, just south of where the 78 dead ends.


Further south where the boardwalk is. West of Board & Brew, at about Pine Ave. & Carlsbad Blvd. We often grab lunch at the Board & Brew when we take the kids down there, then walk down to the boardwalk and take a stroll. You used to live in Vista? What made you all move to UT?

Patty S.


My folks moved to Vista after I went to Biola University. I started in '85 and they moved around '87. After I graduated twice from Biola, I moved in with my folks and went to Palomar and SDSU from '90-'93.

Moved to UT in '96 to do Christian missionary work. I run an organization called Courageous Christians United. Utah has been a second home for me since I became a summer missionary here in 1982.

I still have a brother down there who lives in Bonsall, not far from you. He lives in an awesome place that we love to come down to visit on occasion. It overlooks Oceanside. It’s up the hill from where the 78 and Vista Way meet. We usually bring back a ton of avos after visiting! He’s got a number of nice avo trees! He created and sold it prior to YouTube, and that’s how they got their place!

Many fond memories of Vista. Had a couple brothers who graduated from Rancho Buena Vista. We used to live in Shadow Ridge off White Birch Dr. Then the folks moved to just east of the Stater Bros off Sycamore. They were there about 10 years before they retired to the Houston area around 7 years ago. We used to go to Calvary Chapel Vista off Vista Way, Emmanuel Faith Community Church, and my bro goes to North Coast Church. I used to deliver pizza for Domino’s off Sycamore and the 78 for many years.

Love coming to visit down there, but never missed it after I moved. Well, I wish we were rich enough to be snow birds and live down there for a couple months during the winter. We had a week of the worst air quality in the nation here last month!


Wow, small world! Biola is a great college. Had friends who went their back in the '70s and they loved it. UT is beautiful, and wow, I had no idea that there was air pollution in that area, but based on the geography, I can see how that could occur. Love Bonsall, very pretty area. Was one of the areas we targeted when we knew we were moving back to Calfiornia, but just couldn’t find a place that suited us (or would go into escrow - we were trying to buy in 2009, when the market tanked, and everything was upside down with a gazillion short sales, and the banks were thoroughly overwhelmed.)

Patty S.