Greetings to all of the Gardenweb evacuees I came to be acquainted with. First I must say, it’s good to back with you.

Secondly, I’ve been battling brain cancer for going on 3 1/2 years now. Craniotomy, radiation, another surgery and lots of MRIs. Yes, it has been challenging and the fruits and orchard trees reflect my diminished capacity to care for them. The good news, I believe the tumors may be whipped finally even though it’s too early for the oncologist to declare victory. More good news, I muddled through okay with orchard care and have only lost 1 tree (Wagenger) which succumbed to canker while I wasn’t paying attention.

Thanks for being here, all of you.

Sincerely, Michael


Welcome Michael.


Welcome Michael. Sounds like you have had a rough time for a few years. Glad that your health appears to be on the upswing. Bill

Welcome, Michael! Very glad you found us! What was your moniker over on GW? And my gosh, what a battle you’ve been going through. I will wish you all clear studies from here on out. That is quite the 3 1/2 years you’ve been through. I’m an RN, and I understand what that might have looked like, and I am in awe of your tenacity and bravery. And that you only lost one tree through all this. Well done.

Thank you Tony, now if I can just get as good navigating Scott’s site as I was in GW.

Thank you Bill, yes, extremely rough. Nothing like staring down the barrel of a gun for a few years wondering if it’s loaded and the person holding it is sane. That sums up my experience with cancer. The horticultural pursuits have been very therapeutic as long as I had the energy to do them. I pray nobody, most of all any children ever have to go through what I have.

Thank you Hoosier. Indeed it has been the battle both for and of a lifetime for me. I wish it on no one. Had I not gotten the years in with the orchard prior to the cancer it would never have survived. The MRIs are finally down to once every 6 months from every 3 months. Still, knowing I’ll be sitting across the oncologist’s desk as she tells me about upcoming scan results is a hard way to live. One time she may say, “it’s time for chemo”. That is my last option and a very nasty one with not a very good track record of success. God willing the tumors are done with me forever, Amen


So glad to see you here. I’m very glad for the good news re. your health as well.

Thank you mamuang very much, it’s wonderful to be back among so many like minded, generous, friends. The cancer is keeping a very low to non-existent profile and I’m learning to live in the wake of it’s damage and beyond. God blessed me with a love of growing plants like he blessed my parents, grand parents and great grand parents and possibly beyond in the family tree. That love has made enduring the cancer much better and provided us with a lot of wonderful food over the years.

May 2016 be a fruitful year for you,


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Much respect to you Michael357 both for your courage in your fight and for your sharing. Amazing you were able to keep your orchard intact too. You must have a heck of a green thumb. I look forward to many years of reports on your orchard. God bless.

@Michael357 - I lost two trees and didn’t even have brain cancer! (Tongue in cheek of course :wink:). Welcome to the forum and glad your feeling better!

@Michael357, all the best to you and yours. Stay strong. None of us really knows when our last venture into the orchard/garden will be. Thanks for reminding us to never take that time for granted.



Good to see you being able to rejoin us here.

I hope to see you around here for many seasons complaining about pest attacks and reveling in your victories over them.

With all our best wishes and hopes…


So glad to have you here, a number of us have had life threatening situations, but we’re all back into our orchards. Life can be beautiful! Glad you’re here.

Glad your here Michael. Wishing you a very warm welcome!

Good on you to think of the children. Can you just imagine a 4 year old dealing with what you went through? Hurts me badly. Wishing you all the good I can.

Glad that you are trooper Michael357! I feel what you are saying just like the rest of us "die-hard gardeners, orchardists, farmers, etc. Back in 2000, I had to deal with cervical cancer. I was in stage 2 and I had to go through 6 weeks of radiation and 3 strong treatments of chemo, which feels like something indescribable. Even now, when I hear the word “Cisplatin” I get a bad taste in my month and I cringe. It took 2 years to start eating regularly. Michael, my prayers are with you because you are dealing with an extremely hard & tiring challenge. And although many of us have had, and will continue to have our share of devastating experiences as each one is unique-I have found that it’s how we deal with the situation is the thing that pulls us through. I truly admire you because from what I have read in your comments and responses, you exhibit a really brave and courageous attitude, and being an orchardist-your love of the land really helps contribute to your healing as well. I tell you Michael, my greatest joy comes from my time in the yard which has evolved into a mini-farm. LOL. I believe that when we are out there with nature, the experience itself is a true serene and healing process. So keep up your faith and continued strength because my prayers are truly with you. I pray blessings for you.

Welcome to this wonderful forum and thank-you for sharing your story. I sincerely hope your long, hard battle is behind you. Like most people, I sometimes find myself worrying about things that I THINK are a big deal…whether I need a new roof, how I’m going to deal with a problem at work, and so on. Hearing your story puts things in perspective and makes me feel silly for worrying about every-day problems. But one thing I can relate to is how your orchard work has been therapeutic. While I’ve never faced anything close to what you have, when I am dealing with my own little problems, nothing helps more than going out and working in my little orchard or garden. It’s nice to hear that it has the same soothing effect when it comes to more serious challenges like yours. Many posts above mine prove that orchards are soothing for most of us. (of course, my orchard can also be the CAUSE of stress at times! ha) Thank goodness so many of us discovered the joy and growing- especially of growing things we can EAT! Again, welcome to the forum and may your health and happiness continue to grow and I look forward to seeing you around here more often.

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Hey Michael - I’m pretty sure I remember your handle from Gardenweb. So happy to hear of your good news and will send positive thoughts your way. As someone said uptread, I lost a plum tree, 5 grape vines, 1 fuzzy kiwi, 1 hardy kiwi, and a pawpaw and I didn’t have anything wrong with me other than having way too big of a garden and orchard!

Wildscaper: thankyou. Reading through these many responses I am touched deeply and humbled. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this all straight and respond to you all. My energy levels aren’t what they used to be. Hoping to make many future reports on orchard progress. I ppreciate the blessing too and need all I can get. God be with you too.