Montage of apples grown at our orchard

A montage of the different apple varieties grown at our orchard. Home to over 1,600 varieties of fruit. Specializing in heirloom, red fleshed, cider and modern varieties.

Come Taste History!

Derek A Mills​

Hocking Hills Orchard at Four Seasons Cabins in the beautiful Hocking Hills of Ohio.


Great video :+1:


thanks, it was hard to pick which apples and I just wanted pics and music.


Great video and apple varieties Derek. Nicely done.

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thanks, I enjoy being out in the orchard and having people come here and try the different varieties. One of the pics was of a family from Minnesota who were on their way to Florida for vacation and planned their stop during our UPic hours which was really cool.

We are planning to stop by this summer/fall and trying out some of your apple varieties. I saw your video of your orchard apple trees blooming last night. That was just last week. My apple blossoms are just now starting to open up. We are always about two weeks behind southern Ohio in bloom time.

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Sounds good, we post on Facebook when our UPic hours are but special arrangements can be made. I wish our trees bloomed two weeks later! I have kept records since 2001 at this location and before that since the mid 1980’s at my previous property and this year was the earliest quite a few of my apple trees bloomed, at least by two weeks. Just crazy with the weather being so unpredictable.

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