Monterrey Pear

I’ve been looking for some other low chill pear varieties. I already have a few young Asian pears/multi graft. I don’t think European pears do well in the heat and humidity of the gulf coast area zone 9a.

Ran across the Monterrey Pear. Very low chill, self-fruitful. Questionable heritage. Some say it’s got some Asian pear in it. The description of the fruit had a lot of Asian pear qualities. No idea on bloom group. Also no idea on fire blight resistance.

Does anyone have any experience with the Monterrey?

Try Hood.



So these are the pear (Europe or hybrid - excluding pure Asian pears)

Hood - highly fire blight resistant
Le Conte - fire blight resistant
Orient - fire blight resistant
Pineapple - fire blight resistant

I did find one spite that said Hood was not fire blight resistant.

They all appear to be able to pollinate each other… Or many paired combinations do.

I have a few OxHF87 rootstocks growing so hopefully I can find some scions this winter from folks on the forum.

I have only grown 2 of the varieties on Richard’s list. Orient and pineapple. No blight problems with orient but not a top tasting pear. Only kept it for its great pollination. Pineapple bit the dust before fruiting. Not blight resistant in SW Louisiana. I gardened in SE Texas and SW LA for many years. All my pear varieties are typical southern blight resistant. The best tasting blight resistant varieties I currently grow are Ayers and Spalding. Both very sweet and trouble free.

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I haven’t looked at Ayers and Spalding. Do they bloom together?

I only am growing asian pears at the moment


Was looking at sites for Ayers pear.

Different sites
150 hrs
300-400 hrs.
400 hrs
600 hrs.
950 hrs
300 hrs
350 hrs.

It’s no wonder sites like this need to exist.

Both ayers and spalding are self pollinating

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