Montmorency and Mott Pink

Finally eh Fruitnut? Happy at last. All my cots but three aborted. Very harsh rains over the past two days.


Beautiful trees! Were you photo bombed by the bunny?

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Mrs. G.,
How do you like the taste of Mott Pink?
Those trees are beautiful.

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Mam, Mott Pink is a very medium sized apple but it is the Best apple I have ever tasted. Only because it is sweet and tart. You like sweet! It is so good. We will not be leaving till Sept. so maybe you can taste them!

We can do fruit exchange, then!! I have grafted a few red-flesh apples this year but no Mott Pink :disappointed:

Great lets do it!


Deal :smile:

I bet that Monty gives you some nice fruit. It’s perfect sized tree.

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great looking tree!! would love to get a stick or two of scion wood (hint hint), next year to see how it would do down south…

Is it too late???

Moving in Sept. leaving my orchard behind. Its a little hard. . . to do.

@mrsg47 I can’t even imagine…hopefully your new home has space for you start a new orchard.


As beautiful as anything you will find in France. :wink:


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Hopefully, you will visit GF on a daily basis.


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A tiny bit of land around a large terrace, and I’ll grow apricots in pots.

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You bet Tony, I will keep in touch, this is my second family! I can a be a foreign correspondent and keep you up to date on trees and what is growing in Europe, or what ever it will be called?


And sneak me some of those Lubera Red Fleshed apple scions. :wink:


Send me some bud wood in July. I’ll remind you, Frequently!:grinning:

Please do! Have been a little crazed.