Montmorency cherry tree disease

Can anyone help me with this leaf problem.

Your problem is cherry leaf spot. Here is a link that talks about cherry leaf spot.

A thread that discusses cherry leaf spot spraying and the importance of spraying early below.

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i.d.k. my sour cherries always seem to have some inner leaves yellow on the inside of the bush/ tree then they drop. its like its taking its energy and putting it to outside growth by culling some of the more shaded leaves. happens to all of them here in late june . i spray daconil, immunox at least 1x each before mid june. if its real wet 3xs.

Thank to all of you. I have sprayed.

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Your welcome.

A couple of other things you could try long term. If you rake up the leaves in the Fall and remove them that will lower the levels of fungus in the orchard and make it easier to control the leaf spot. Or if you can’t do that mow over them to cut the leaves into small pieces that will decay quickly.

You could also prune the trees to be more open and have better air circulation. In the Spring remove some of the branches. Start with removing any dead branches. Then where two branches cross remove one of the crossing branches. Next thin out areas in the canopy that are really dense to allow air and light to get in. For me pruning and leaf removal helped a lot in keeping the leaf spot under control and it also increased the quality of the fruit.

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i did that for the 1st time this last spring and it triggered all my cherries to fruit heavily.