Moon Drop grapes

Mrs. G.,
If you watch out for Moon Drop grapes, it is sold at Wegman’s. Bought them today. 2.99 a lb. it is a black grape with clear flesh. Sweet and crunchy. I can taste tannin on

the skin. Brix at 21. I like them.

It has unusual look, long ( almost 2") and has a pronounced dimple end. With the look and the taste, it is worth $2.99 a lb. they’ll be a talk at our Thanksgiving party.


they look like elephant trunks

I’ve had them, and they come in green as well. The green variety are sweeter! Aren’t the funny looking? But so is lobster. :grapes::grapes::grapes::grapes::grapes::grapes::grapes:


Never thought of it until you mentioned it. I think it remind me of a miniature eggplants.

@mrsg47, I’ll look for the green ones. I know that @tonyOmahaz5 has posted about a few new/interesting grape varieties a while ago.

I ate some fully/over ripe: delicious… still a little astringent. I hate some not so ripe… Awful. It was like eating sweet and juicy cartboard…

We’ve had them here at our grocery stores for the past month
at $1.99/lb. They’ve been a hit at our tail gate parties. Very weird
looking grapes, but they are really good.

I agree. I’ve had them several times over the last few years. Firm and sweet. Really nice. Id take them over the this cotton candy things Any day.

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The predecessor “Witch Fingers” came out of a breeding program at U Arkansas. These were then marketed as “Tear Drops” (who wants to eat witch fingers? :grinning:) and the elongated green cousin as “Cotton Candy”. More breeding with a commercial firm was then contracted by the Grapery of Bakersfield CA to produce the patented variety “Moon Drops”.


You got a good deal there.

@Richard, thanks for the background info. It looks like this is another “club” variety,

In the province of Murcia, there are large farms where these types of varieties are grown, and there are also several companies dedicated to obtaining high-quality seedless grapes.
In Europe the Moon Drop variety, is known as Sweet Sapphire, is one of the many high quality seedless grape varieties that I am going to graft this spring.
I will also graft this others:

  • Cotton Candy
  • Sweet Celebration
  • Adora Seedless
  • Autumn Crisp
  • Tipson
  • Allison
  • Scarlotta Seedless
  • Autumn King
  • Arra Sugar Drop
    And some others

Last year I grafted these others:

  • ITUM Nine
  • ITUM Ten
  • Timco
  • Magenta
  • Starletta Seedless
  • Funny Finger
  • K2



Awesome variety of grapes! A few years ago I got to try some seeded slipskin grapes called “Muscat Beauty”. They tasted fantastic. Have you ever heard of them? The skin and seeds were similar to our Concord grapes but the taste was similar to lychee.

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I have grafted last year the Muscat Beauty variety, it has a muscat flavor with lychee aromas, but I like the Magenta varieties better, which has a cherry flavor and Strawgrape with a powerful strawberry flavor.

This is Magenta

And this is Strawgrape " Tutti Frutti "

As I told mamuang in another forum thread, I have good friendships with technicians in the seedless grape sector in the Murcia region, for this reason I have access to these types of varieties.



Jose, when I see that variety of grapes, i just keep quiet. In Slovakia we are only starting with good grapes variety. Almost everything, what we have, is from Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, somethimes something from Bulgaria…otherwise it is very difficult to find here. What I have, is: Talisman, Vostorg krasnyj, Kuban, Augustin, Muskat letnyj, Anjuta, Nadeznyj. At the same time, the pottencial is much bigger, because the winters are already pretty warmet her, as before. Having one plant moon drops is a huge dream, but no one has it in our county yet.

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Pictures of your grapes, please!

Mrs. Gibson, the first varieties of grapes of this type that I grafted was last season, the most I can do is send pictures of the grafted vines.
You have to wait three years to get a good formation for start fruiting.
I think you do not know how the vines of this type of varieties are formed (it is a bit complicated)


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Sorry not to be clearer. No I do not know how those grapes grow at all which is why I am asking. But I meant to ask for pictures of your existing grapes that produce. thanks!

Mrs. Gibson, I have to prepare a good tutorial for the pruning of formation for seedless grapes, so that you can do a proper formation .
The seedless table grape varieties, unlike the wine grapes, have a totally different pruning system, because the wine grapes can use the " Cordon Royat " formation system, with short pruning at two or three Buds, while seedless grapes need ultra-long pruning, since they bear fruit from the fourth or fifth bud and in the following buds forward .

For the seedless grapes have to leave very long shoots with a number of buds between 16 and 20 buds

They can be formed in many ways, but the easiest for fans is a trellis with "double Cordon Guyot "

And for elevated formations, the formations

  • Parral Español
  • Italian System Puglia
  • Open Gable

Here you can see some pictures, but I have documents with tutorials for proper prunning of formation , with several different systems.

The most comfortable for fans is undoubtedly the double Cordon Guyot (semi-high height) is decapitated at about 80 centimeters to form the two arms, which will be very short, leaving a single long shoot (18 buds) to the right and left. , and a small shoot of 2 buds for the renewal of the following year.

I will prepare a good tutorial, since if proper pruning is not done, these varieties do not bear fruit properly and the harvest is extremely poor.


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Thank you. I see many of these different systems being used in France, where I live. My home is in largest wine producing area of all of France, Languedoc Roussillon. I just wanted to see photographs of your clusters of grapes that already exist. As the cherries you have shown are beautiful. I have a potted orchard on my terrace, made up of six trees right now and only one espaliered apple, which I love. It is just very. Pretty! thank you.


Mrs. Gibson I have tried red wines from Vignoble du Languedoc-Rousillon on numerous occasions, and they are really delicious ( It is impossible to teach the French to make good wine hahahahahaha).
The good Spanish wines (Rioja, Rivera de Duero, Somontano, etc …) are good wines, but the good French wines are of a stratospheric level , they are of another level.
I have many groups of hunters from your region , who stay at my hotel during the hunting season (especially friends from the towns of Montpellier and Beziers).
You live in a fantastic region of France, and it is also suitable for all kinds of crops.

A very big greeting from Spain


Any tips on grape grafting and also rooting?