More new varieties grafted at Hocking Hills Orchard in 2020

Some of the new varieties grafted at our Hocking Hills Orchard this year.

Hauk’s Roter Viezeapfel - Germany. New red fleshed variety.

Schafnase - Germany. Name translates as Sheepnose and called that for its cylindrical, tall-conical fruit. Described as usually yellow-orange colored with red stripes. The flesh is medium-hard, very juicy, soon tender with a sweet tart flavor.

Cobra - UK, 2007. UK - 2007. Hugh Ermen developed variety, cross of Cox’s Orange Pippin x Bramley’s Seedling. Described as a dual purpose apple for cooking and eating fresh having a refreshing acidic, tangy quality and ripening in September. Hugh developed some of my favorite varieties including Red Devil.

Some nice sounding ones to look forward too! Just grafted this Spring so not my pics. Email me at for info on swapping and/or buying scions.

Derek A Mills

Hocking Hills Orchard at the Four Seasons Cabins located in the beautiful Hocking Hills of SE Ohio. Home to 1,600 varieties of apples and hundreds of other fruit varieties.



Great looking apples. Nice varieties to add to your orchard Derek. I hope they do well there.

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Thanks and I hope so too!