Morels will be popping soon


People have been finding them about 2 or 3 weeks earlier this year here. Right now is the normal time of year they are found but apparently if you didn’t go looking earlier this year then you are probably out of luck. I have never been a fan of mushrooms but a mess of these 1 time a year is pretty good! In our area they are battered and fried. I am sure more out there call then dry land fish because when prepared that way they taste just like fried fish :+1:


Started already in Maryland!


lucky you! In Michigan the spring has been wet enough, but not warm enough. I am not optimistic. Anyway, for us it is 3 weeks from now.


I wish I lived closer to woods. I’ve never found one (though my in-laws get quite a few way up north).



What do you guys do with them. I’ve had them come up in my wood chip mulch a few times.


They are up in in my part of Missouri. Watch where your walking, lots of awesome snakes out this year.


Dust with Seasoned flour, saute/fry in butter.

  1. Grab a beer, hide in a closet, :grin:
  2. Eat with a good steak.
  3. Add to Soups
  4. Spaghetti sauce
    They have a sweet/woodsy/earthy taste


I love them sauteed in butter just by themselves. The lilacs are a few weeks away from blooming yet here. All the pics posted on here have me drooling


My 2 favorite ways to use morels are either sauteed on a ribeye steak or stir-fried in a little butter and put in an omelet. This is making me hungry.


It’s been to cold here in Michigan. It’ll be a few more weeks. Hopefully tomorrow is the last day for snow showers. It’s windy and cold today with snow squalls.


My wife wanted to go up in the woods up the hill and look for some. She had seen some neighbors post about finding some.

We were gone about an hour and saw nothing but these, I’m pretty sure they’re not morels-

Any ideas?

Anyway, we looked a bit longer and found nothing. She went back down to the house, and I went on for a little hike, and took a few pics along the way-

An old forest road, now choked with leaves and small saplings-

My escort party, not in a hurry to get anywhere

Walking out of the woods into the pasture

Looking out across the valley to the opposite hillside in the afternoon sun

Took a break to let my posse rest-

Headed back across the pasture toward the barn,


These are some of the weird things we found, definitely not morels, any ideas?


Looks like some kind of parasitic plant à la Indian pipes.


Thanks, it looks like squawroot, or bear corn, scientific name is Conophoils Americana. It’s edible, but I don’t think I’m too keen to try it…


You should down load Google’s lens app. Just point and shoot. It will instantly tell you any species of plants and thing in this world. I used a lot.


I need to correct my previous statement. Apparently they are still finding morels at home. Well according to some people I am friends with on Facebook that I live close to are finding them anyways :+1:


Morels were very difficult to find this year due to the weird weather. I found 5 today. Lots of ticks out which i removed from my back with a foot long knife because they were very hard to reach. I used the knife like i was shaving with it on the ones in the hard to reach spots.


I processed 6 lbs of morels today. It’s been an unbelievable season here in central Maryland.



First backyard morel of the year. This may be the last year, though. I’m pretty sure they were associated with the ash tree we just took down. Hopefully they have some other hosts in the yard.