Morels will be popping soon


Figure we will be finding morels pretty soon. Has anyone been thinking about mushrooms yet? It is short sleeved weather and beautiful in Kansas this weekend. It has been to dry for morels so far and the wind today was strong and dried things even more. As soon as it’s a little hotter and a little wetter they will be popping like crazy.

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Where I live they wont be coming up until mid April to May, when the Lilacs are in bloom. I can’t wait, we have been getting tons of snow in so it should be a really good year. In Utah we get a few of the yellows under cotton woods but mostly blacks under pine trees. A few years ago I made the mistake of drinking beer with them and the combo wasn’t easy on my stomach so I am not as crazy about them but I still like getting out in the mountains. I also forage for oysters, boletus, chanterelles, puffball and hawkwings as well as grow wine caps.


We sure need some rain for them don’t we Clark. We used to hunt them during turkey season but I would bet they are earlier than that this year.


I saw dried morels at Market District last week for $299.00/lb.


Morels are 8-11 weeks away here, barring some exceptionally unusual weather anyway


Honestly I would rather eat a really good piece of fruit than a morel but I do enjoy them once a year when they pop up.


I thought I was the only one that used lilacs to time morels. I’ve told people to watch lilacs and Calipso Orchids, they look at me like I’m nuts.


Clark, this is one thing I would love to do, but alas, no Morels here. Please be sure to take lots of pics and share with us!!

Patty S.


Actually I think Mushrooms are disgusting. I don’t like any of them. When my mother was still alive I would hunt them for her because she loved them. But to me mushrooms taste like earthy chunks of styrofoam. I’m huge on texture and mushrooms are even worse than leechee. People sell them at roadside stands here usually with ramps. They are in season at the same time.


You can see by the dates on this thread how much later I will be hunting morel this year than normal. We finally got a decent rain in Kansas so the next hot day they will pop in large numbers. We will have a very limited time this year because the green grass is already here which slows down good mushroom hunting. Soon it will be impossible to find morels. The season will be shortened to a couple of weeks. Today is April 26th which is nearly a month later than normal. Kansas sometimes goes straight from winter into summer and bypasses spring all together. Grafting has been difficult this year because the weather has been all over the place and tree planting near impossible because the ground has had no moisture at all. As much as I try to control my food supply by growing fruits and other things I’m reminded it’s not always possible.


The morels are popping in Kansas. Ticks are definitely in record numbers this year.



What is the best recipe for those morels.



I soak them overnight in salt water and then I fry them in butter.



I got a large wooded areas in the back of my property. I will look for them in a week or so.



They are starting to pop better with the heat and rain we have had.


We have been in the lower eighties all of a sudden. Buds are popping and with three days of thunderstorms we might get some morels popping. I made the spore slurry and splashed it all over last year so I’m curious to see if that really works. My apricots are starting to bloom for the first time today since grafting three years ago to let you know where I’m at as far as spring. The daffodils are in full bloom here.


How is everyone doing on morel hunting in 2020? Considering going today. Its still cold in Kansas this year.


Been looking, but too cold still. Any time now.


Found a dozen or so a month ago, on 20 March, right here in the yard, where I’d ‘seeded’ some, probably 20 yrs ago.
Have been back out in my woods, hitting the spots where I usually find them, several times in the interim, but have only found one or two more.


Cool weather lingers in NEO. Today was the first day above 50⁰ in a week, and we won’t see another until Thursday. Even still, I plan to look for some blacks one of these afternoons.

Good luck!