MULBERRIES what are you growing?!

Hello, Everybody!
I’m just curious of varieties that you’re growing?
I am looking to collect some good ones, and want to see whats out there.


Hi fT!

I’m currently growing a couple of random albas (that may be one and the same) from a local Nursery and a local University.

I’m currently rooting M. alba “Shangri-la”, M. alba x rubra “Illinois Everbearing”, and M. macroura “Black Pakistan”.

I’m waiting for an opportunity to get my hands on M. macroura x alba “World’s Best” (and another one, whose name escapes me), M. alba “Tice”, M. macroura “White Pakistan” and M. nigra. I’d also like to try my hand at a white-fruited M. alba, like “Big White”. Truthfully, as long as it’s good-tasting and productive, I’d like to collect as many as I can.

The macrouras are said to take heat and lack of winter chill well, and are also said to be tasty.

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It helps if you put your zone and location in your profile. look at mine. (click on my name)
What will work depends where you are. Like I won’t try Shangri-La as it is not hardy enough for my zone.
I so far like Oscar the best but I have a few I’m trying out. I may change my mind. I also grow morus nigra that was found in zone 6. Most nigras fail to thrive in this zone. So hoping it will grow here. I ordered a rootstock to graft to and keep the mother tree protected until I can determine if it will work in ground here. If not it stays in a container.


Dwarf everbearing, Pakistan, Morus nigra (hasn’t fruited for me yet), “Florida Giant” (I was told it was called Kampong Sweet by the curator at Fairchild Tropical Gardens) and “World’s best”.

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  • White Pakistain
  • Geraldi
  • Valdosta
  • Kokuso
  • Silk Hope
  • El Dorado
  • Thai Dwarf

Do you have any problem with popcorn disease? I have been contemplating Silk Hope, Kokuso, Gerardi/Geraldi (seen both names). I have seen particularly that Silk Hopedoes not get popcorn around here, where Illinois Everbearing will.


Silk Hope, Kokuso, and El Dorado are brand new in the ground for me just this month. I haven’t seen any signs of it on the others.

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Thanks- I have seen it occasionally on wild trees here, so I have been keeping an eye out for info. Didn’t know what it was last year before I started researching varieties.

Illinois Everbearing was a great mulberry for me until getting popcorn disease. Now I seldom get one edible berry from it in a season. I will be grafting Silk Hope (thanks Katy!) and Taylor #1 this year. I hope to find at least one good mulberry that will do well here. I have morus alba coming up everywhere. None of them suffer from popcorn disease, but they are all small and lacking in flavor.

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I have a nigra in a pot, but it never seems very happy. I’ve got what I think is a Gerardi Dwarf on the way to put in the ground.

I’m pretty sure I’m in a popcorn threat area, so I’ve been trying to find something both hardy and resistant.

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Illinois Everbearing
Silk Hope
Hicks Everbearing
Everloving(formerly Twisted Tree)
Lawson Dawson (local rXa hybrid)
Sicilian Black
M.rubra ‘Harmony Grove’
Corral (suspected seedling of IE)
and, a new rXa hybrid selection out of Robertson Co. TN (Thanks, KB!)

Only IE has had popcorn dz here, and it mainly hits the initial flush of berries; later ones are mostly unaffected.
Member here provided scions of 3 M.nigra selections that I’m going to try this spring…
yeah, I know nigra shouldn’t like it here, but I’m gonna try 'em… I’ve got the time and space… nothing to lose


I like to play with them too :slight_smile: Try different cultivars. Excellent selection of mulberries Lucky!

im curious i heard silk hope doesnt get popcorn disease i grow IE here in seattle, WA so far i have been safe. does anyone know what causes popcorn disease?

Gerardi dwarf
(maybe creeping mulberry (m. alba) or maybe a m alba rootstock) hopefully it fruits or gets big enough to weep sometime.


1 Wellington
3 pakistans from different countries
2 white pakistans/saharanpur from different countries
2 shangri las
1 clone 10 pakistan mulberry
1 oscar mulberry
2 illinois everbearing
1 mulberry boninensis
1 mulberry sangue e latte
3 morus nigra la Regina
2 morus nigra king james
1 morus nigra AGM
1 unknown german morus nigra
1 morus nigra aalst
1 mulberry bistrica
1 mulberry moldova pink
4 Madeira mulberries
1 Portugal mulberry - macroura type
1 gelso nero
1 mulberry black italian - might be the same cultivar as gelso nero
1 white.mulberry gelso bianco
1 mulberry gelso rosso
2 mulberries fake nigras
2 white mulberriies white fruit
1 lavendel mulberry
1 sugar cube mulberry
1 fruiting weeping mulberry
1 gerardi dwarf mulberry
1 planatifolia mulberry
1 collier mulberry
All these tree forms already

Then i still have 2 recent grafts of silk hope mulberry and a few other cultivars trying to root
I think thats it… i think


Popcorn disease is a fungal infection; sort of reminds me of corn smut - but affected drupelets are hard/woody and definitely not edible - unlike smut-infected corn kernels.


i heard it only affects the South. Im not from the South im NW. so i dont know if that applied to me.

Saw that in that TAMU article…had not previously seen a claim that it was a ‘Southern’ thing.
We do have heat and humidity…which definitely favor fungal growth…

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in PNW we are cool and not humid so i think we shall be safe. well time will tell.

I picked up one I have been trying to get for awhile Black Prince. I don’t know much about it except that it is an alba or thought to be. Large berries and cold hardy. Seems to good to be true. I doubt it is cold hardy. I have 2 pieces and I’m grafting them each to a Russian rootstock. One I will protect in a container in the garage during winter. It never gets colder than 25F in my attached garage. The other is going in ground at my cottage. It is a survival of the fittest there. The rootstock was planted last year there. I’m also putting Oscar on the same rootstock. I split the leader on it. It’s ready to graft. If Black Prince fails Oscar will be fine. An excellent cultivar also.
I only have photos from the owner in CA