MULBERRIES what are you growing?!

I had a mystery one growing up wild that I put in a pot for fun. It grew quickly but I kept reading about white mulberry being invasive in my area and displacing the native red mulberry, so I got rid of it. It seemed more likely to be white mulberry or at least a hybrid. Because the leaves weren’t hairy. Did I do the right thing? :pensive:

I don’t know how to graft or anything so I wonder how the fruit would have been, if it ever was going to fruit.

Morus alba was planted widely centuries ago and has already spread to basically every corner of the North American continent where it can grow, I think that ship has sailed and there’s no reason to avoid growing alba at this point.


they’re not as popular but my red mulberry, taken from a real isolated spot from a mama red, is finally setting berries plural. finally. I think I’ve had it in for 5 or 6 years with no fruit or flower.

an awful photo but you get the gist. it’s about 7 feet tall now. starting to think I should trim back at the top to keep it short. the single berry it made last year was delightfully boring, just how I like them.

my black/alba cross is leafing out right now, and the Illinois is too. they have more flavor but not the nostalgic thing going on

it’s a red since it’s from a really old stand in a isolated spot in the woods where I grew up. there’s no cultivated land within miles. plus the flavor is spot on, I was unsure until last year. I don’t mind alba obviously as I’ve got two crosses planted nearby (and another out front for the birds) but I wanted this one as it’s a sucker from a tree I picked from when I was a kid