MULBERRIES what are you growing?!

@rubus_chief I got the Sangue e Latte in December from a member on Tropicalfruitforum, who originally got it from the member Kaz. I am interested in trading for other varieties too. I will look into the varieties you mentioned.

@Lucas I haven’t tried grafting green wood yet, and my trees are still small to get good scions. I know they have another 8ft+ to grow by the end of the season :joy:


Yes, I can wait until the end of the season, but if you’d like to try mine first I could spare some wood on the bottom of my tree since yours are so far away :wink:

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@manyasfigs25 nice size berries are you in the U.S? Did you find it growing wild?

‘Lawson Dawson’ is setting the pace here, this year. Heavy production, great taste!

‘Stearns’ is stepping up it’s game in its second year fruiting. Largest berry in the lineup, with really nice flavor.


Thats good news @Lucky_P . I just stuck about 5 sticks of each on rootstocks. I got my fingers crossed.

We are in Virginia, we found it growing on the edge of our rental property in VA

It’s a understory tree, stretched out and leggy under some very large maples/oaks


I got a cousin growing this weeping mulberry in Northern Vietnam. I am not sure if the scions will survive the trip to the States.



I hope - and suspect - that you’ll be pleased with them, Tim.
‘Lawson Dawson’ has performed well in NJ and VT; your MI site should pose it no issues.
‘Stearns’ came to me from Ted Daniecki, in NJ… though he swears he knows nothing about it, and doesn’t remember sending the scion. Go figure.

I’ve had enough going on that I’ve barely looked at the two LD trees or ‘Corral’, in the barnlot; LD & Stearns are very near the house and readily accessible. I did apply some 19-19-19 around the LD tree in the yard this spring, and I think it’s paid off in berry size and productivity. The LD ortet was located in the corner of a barnlot, and the cows lounged (and did other stuff!) in its shade, providing plenty of ‘fertility’. The two barnyard trees here have consistently produced bigger, juicier fruits than the older ramet, planted in the yard, but a little fertilizer applied in early spring seems to have helped it rise to its potential.


@Lucky_P the Corral, Illinois E, and Silk Hope that you gave me last year all made it through the winter and are doing good. The Silk Hope is a beast, it will need some pruning soon to keep it in check.


The IE, Silk Hope, Lawson Dawson (and a Gerardi Dwarf) are doing well for me. I lost my Corral graft last year to a wind storm. I found the branch the next day and tried a t-bud graft, but it didn’t take. LD had one berry ripen first for me this year. Very pleased with the taste of that first berry. Looking forward to trying more!


I’m actually not sure ours is a true Red Mulberry, it seems to fit all of the characteristics except for “hairy” under leaves, not sure how big these hairs are suppose to be…… anyone have any idea? I guess it’s a hybrid unless I’m missing something.

The hairs are very short and uniform, but give the entire underside the feel of rough felt. The upper surface should feel like sandpaper.

Upper surface does feel like sandpaper and I found the hairs, talk about tiny. It seems to still be pretty close to true red mulberry. Thanks for getting me to look again.


i planted two dwarf everbearing mulberry trees/bushes (1 gallons from Lowe’s) this spring, they came with some fruits when i got them and they are fruiting again, but the fruits are so tiny. hopefully the fruit gets bigger as they get older?

Don’t just take my word for it but I THINK generic “dwarf everbearing” mulberries have small low quality fruit. Jan’s best and gerardi seem like the most productive and best tasting dwarf mulberries


@jamie … Jan is in Central FL zone 9b.

Below one of her many vids on Jans Best.

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nice, i am in north Florida so that should do well here, but i have yet to see this variety at any local nurseries

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@jamie … She sells cuttings of it and others.

Found this on figbid.

Noticed in her description she says it roots easily. I just grafted 2 lawson dawson and 2 kip parker and all 4 have taken and are looking good.
I got russian mulberry rootstocks from burnt ridge… cheap.


Agree that Jans Best roots easily. It was the first mulberry I ever rooted, actually lol. Took 9 days :smiley:

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