Mulberry Root Grafting Tips/tricks?

I will be heavily root pruning one of my mulberry trees. The roots are Morus Alba-Tatarica. I intend to use these to graft numerous mulberry varieties.

Does anyone have tips they can share on how to use the roots to graft? I’ve already read most of the web sources on this so I would really value first hand information and informed opinions instead of web links. I’ve also root grafted in the past with mixed (aka poor) results.

  1. Does the root need to be cleaned thoroughly before grafting? I would assume so.
  2. Does the graft union need to be below surface during healing?
  3. Do I need to keep root zone warm? Heat mats? I intend to graft during cooler months. The soil doesn’t warm up properly here until July.
  4. Can I use a callus pipe for root grafting?

Also any grafting techniques that you used that worked better?

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I would cleft graft them (clean roots) no unordinary anything else.

You can bury the union or not. I would use parafilm or wax and probably keep it above however it won’t matter if it’s taped/waxed.

I would try to keep the root with soil attached in a “chunky feature” so you have actual rooting going on still. Put that chunk inside a pot and have it potted tightly.

Grafting works great when temps are 65-70 or 75. Chip budding and anything else occurs (and what you’re doing) once the trees have leaves unfolding.

I don’t have much experience grafting mulberries.


This is exactly the kind of hands-on, to the point advise I was looking for.
Thanks Dax!

Sure enough!

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