Muscadines 2020


I love the two-tone look of these! Is that how they turn to purple? I’ve never seen that before. Really pretty.


It is a mix. Looks like most do the two tone and some tend to darken at one time. Lane taste best after it is all dark and at least a little soft. Lane is a firmer fruit than most muscadines when it is ripe. Of all the varieties I’ve tasted it has the most crunch when eaten and the skin is sweet.


I came across this technique while looking through the gossip section at the Petals From The Past website. I have never practiced this method but I have been to several of their muscadine classes. The vines are trimmed high and the fruit is always big and sweet. The muscadines is a u-pick operation and some of the steps they go through must be to make the customers experience enjoyable. All I do is trim the bottoms to get the vines off the ground.

Our crews are out combing the muscadines. This term means separating the shoots for ease of harvest, otherwise the tendrils wrap around the vines and make it difficult to pick the fruit. Cut off excess growth. Leave about 30″ to 36″ in length. Cutting off the excess vines puts all the energy of the plant into increasing the size of the fruit. Keep watering well during dry periods.


Black Beauty last year was medium size at best and several dropped before ripening. This year (3rd leaf) the fruit actually might get to the rated 1.25". We have had lots of rainfall this year but I suspect the vines age is also playing a part. The BB I have seen in a u-pick was almost as big as the large Supreme.


Today I picked my first Hall muscadine and it was still fairly firm. I was expecting tart muscadine taste but what I got was a pleasant sweet and fruity taste. Very good in my opinion and I think the grands will love them. Is this the typical taste of Hall or the long wait influencing my opinion?


I’m probably over hyping Hall but it is the most different taste of a muscadine I’ve sampled. Sweet and juicy with almost no skin aftertaste. Hard to describe the taste but a very sweet and juicy plum come to mind. I would like to hear others opinion of it even if they are different from my own.


I’m interested!! Guess it’s an early ripener based on photos of your Lane.


Yeah that sounds cool! But not a spicy/musky flavor I guess?


I have only had two and I didn’t notice the spicy/musky flavor. A larger sample size is on it’s way.


Hall appears to be ripening about the same time as Lane.