Muscadines 2020


Man . . . that Darlene seems to be a trouble maker! I’m sure there’s a sad, cheatin’, country song written about her! She keeps showing up on this forum as a stinker! For one reason or another. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Just sayin . . . .


Great description. Thanks


Two days ago the rain stopped so it looks like I will need to start watering before long. Rain has always done a better job than my watering. The muscadines appear to be bigger than last year.


Hehehe yeah it does kinda seem that way.
It’s definitely not as productive as my Ison.


How do you water your vines? If using a hose, where do you place it and for how long/how much flow?


I have a drip line but I haven’t used it yet. Sometimes I use a hose but the drip seems to do a better job. I have two emitters per vine but I’m considering adding two more per vine.


@barry. This is the first to darken but it is a few weeks away from ripening.


Wow that vine is loaded. Ive got a dozen or so small clusters. I planted it last year. I think mine is maybe a week or two ahead of yours. Ive never had them before so i cant wait to test.


R.I.P. Darlene

I’m thinking of replacing with Late Fry or Sugargate.
Any opinions?
Late Fry is rated excellent for cold hardiness and vigor.


Sorry about your loss. At least it didn’t take a long time. I haven’t grown your two replacement considerations but most all the improved varieties are good to me.


I’ve got a Darlene now that has trunk damage and it doesn’t look so good. Has some fruit I’d like to ripen and then I’m going to take it out. Looks like it’s developing crown gall or something where the trunk injury was.


That’s two peoples Darlene to have damage. Glad I didn’t add it. Good luck with it’s replacement.


Yeah. I don’t know what to get. There are so many. Do you have Hall?


I have a 2nd leaf Hall and it will soon ripen. The skin is so light it almost looks like a table type grape. I’m looking forward to getting to taste it for the first time.


Darlene is easily the most vigorous muscadine I have. I would rather not have it because it is just not productive. Big Red and Ison are heavy hitters for production and excellent flavor. I don’t currently have a Late Fry, but can highly recommend Summit.


Thanks! So weird how things vary, but that’s the nature of plants I guess.


Same for me. I guess without many grapes Darlene can put all its energy into growing. All that growth also makes it hard to find the few grapes it does produce.


That was my experience too: low yield.

I ended up ordering Late Fry. I hope my season is long enough in middle TN.

Ison’s has a 15% sale right now, FYI


After hearing this conversation - about Darlene, again . . . I am going to order a replacement. If you all recall - mine was run over and I thought it was dead. But - it came back and is slowly growing again. I went back and forth, to let ‘her’ stay - or send her packing.

I’m going to take Fusion’s advice and try one of the ones he suggested. ‘Summit’ or ‘Supreme’.

I have all 3 Frys. They are doing well. All but one are moving on down the wire. Japanese beetles did a number on a lot of the leaves. They are winding down, now . . .


Since I’ll be starting over, I’ve been thinking about the best (and cheapest) way to attach the young main cordons to the wire.
My first time I just used PVC tape, which seemed to work well. Then I replaced with rubber coated wire very loosely wrapped.
But I wonder a couple things:

  1. is it best to have the cordon on the topside or underside of the wire?
  2. what about having the cordon make one corkscrew twist on its way down to the end of the wire so it will support itself long term? (Thinking this could cause girdling if not careful)
  3. when to remove supports? (ie Tape)